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  1. [Unofficial] Archetypes: Pointman, Tactician & Survivalist
  2. Talents - What's Your Type?
  3. gameplay style and mechanics (building a "rogue" type character)
  4. Introduce colour customisation
  5. The Best Build for Solo Players (works well in groups, too) (Beta)
  6. DPS/Solo Dark Zone Build: For taking on multiple people
  7. My Tank, DPS, and Hybrid builds
  8. [Build] The Pointman
  9. [Repost] Talents and Skills
  10. [Build] The Sniper
  11. Beta Build
  12. Stash
  13. More customization
  14. Non-Archetype Building
  15. [Build] The Technician
  16. Tank Beta Build on PS4
  17. [Build] The Gunner
  18. Armor Level?
  19. Has there been a vid with all the stats yet?
  20. Mid-combat skill swapping?
  21. Previewing Gear
  22. One of the Best DPS (high damage) Builds - Will it hold up in the final game?
  23. Better Tank Build! :D - Do you think it will hold up in the final game? Opinions?
  24. Weapon mods
  25. Déplacement du personnage.
  26. Better gear types needed
  27. Scavenging
  28. [TIPS] The BEST weapon grip mods for assault rifles
  29. [VIDEO] A Level 27 Character @ IGNFIRST
  30. Hand to hand combat needed
  31. Stash boxes
  32. Playing as a crit SNIPER in the BETA
  33. should i focus on high HP or high armor?
  34. Thinking about solo build from MMO perspective- found out DPS/Skill power worked best
  35. Weapons & Gear Locking
  36. Weapon gear
  37. Solo DZ build question
  38. Re-specing abilities and talents?
  39. Lista wepons detail
  40. Shrapnel Talent
  41. where are the super rare geat and guns
  42. Your favorite abilities?
  43. 100% Damage Reduction
  44. Tactical link and sticky bomb?
  45. Reset talents / skills?
  46. Opinions on my build
  47. Talent and Skill mod questions
  48. Builds by v3ng3anc3
  49. Bleed
  50. Gear score
  51. The BEST Medic Build! :D - Opinions?
  52. Anyone out there want to be a great Medic? Here's an awesome setup for MEDICS :D
  53. Q: about 'Advanced Performance' gear mod
  54. Facemask passive heal OP?
  55. Which are the best (or your favorit) weapon talents and why?
  56. Heal build for PVP?
  57. Marksman Scopes / Sniper Scopes
  58. Sticky bomb, max. dmg and other calculations
  59. Mods and talents with Pulse benefits?
  60. Questions about Marksman Rifles
  61. Weapon Prefixes
  62. Weapon Talent questions
  63. Seeker Mine needs a buff!
  64. Legendary item leve 32 drops? Wasting my time here ubisoft.
  65. Reckless (armor talent) bugged?
  66. Specialized and Superior blueprints?
  67. Can someone explain it please? I don't get it
  68. My class build ideas
  69. Need seriousl clarification on Perceptive talent
  70. All Rounder Build... Or something...
  71. Armor Value
  72. Endgame Support/Healer Build
  73. [Release-Update][Build] The Pointman
  74. Want to find a build that fits your play style ?
  75. 3 Weapon Talent Active Electronics Build
  76. I have problem with "combat flow/glued to cover" and need some advice!
  77. PVP Build
  78. [Build] Dark Zone Solo Speed Clear
  79. Mobile Cover is great if used correctly.
  80. medic advice
  81. Thoughts on gun builds?
  82. Need a sniper scope
  83. Long Range Marksman/Support Build
  84. [Build] The Bullet Sponge
  85. About Generic Mods
  86. 105k DPS 127k HP Tank Gear/Skill Guide
  87. Best Solo Build for the Dark Zone and PvE! Try it, I swear it's worth your time! :D
  88. Best Solo Build for the Dark Zone and PvE! Try it, I swear it's worth your time! :)
  89. INSANE High-End Healing CDR Build
  90. Liberator Review
  91. Vector Crit Talent?
  92. AnyOne else find pakhan underwhelming?
  93. My current best build
  94. Current build conundrum.
  95. What are the soft / hard caps for your stats?
  96. Best stats for marksman rifle
  97. Need help with my gear. Opinions.
  98. Is a full Stamina Tank build useful?
  99. Looking for opinions on end-game viability
  100. Vest with +3 Mod Slots
  101. High DPS build questions
  102. 3 Weapon Talent Active Electronics Build (END GAME RELOADED)
  103. Why skill power is so important
  104. Which AK to use?
  105. best build for pvp DZ?
  106. Links to weapon reviews, build guides, and more!
  107. Sticky Bomb: BFB + shrapnel
  108. Gear and gear an more gear!!!!!
  109. Which Vector should I be using?
  110. question about cool headed
  111. DPS build/Gear
  112. Firearms/Stamina Buid Gear List. Looking for some feedback/input.
  113. Let's talk about Resourceful, and Trifecta party play in PvE
  114. What is the proper ratio of Stamina to Electronics for an Effective Tank build?
  115. Which Vector do you think is better?
  116. Looking for help
  117. question about sticky bomb
  118. 154,000 dps 73k health 48k skill power. Electronics Build.
  119. DPS Glitch?
  120. Ballistic Shield CC/CD Reduction Tank Build
  121. New 30 About To Build a Bunch of Vectors
  122. Which SMG? (Identical levels)
  123. Level 19 Darkzone Build
  124. Post your current build!
  125. High end weapons viability
  126. High End Extended Magazine Rolls?
  127. Need advice on blueprints to buy from DZR50+ players.
  128. Amazingly fun and powerful build! - the Demolition Build (Video) - Thoughts?
  129. Making your setup super FUN and POWERFUL - The Demolition Build - Thoughts? (video)
  130. PVP Build (Rogue Status)
  131. Marksman Damage Dealer Advice
  132. Super Balanced End-game Build
  133. Building Your Agent
  134. Help with build !!
  135. looking for electronic skill power build
  136. Crafted my first Navy MP5Ns. Need to advise.
  137. what is the best high end gear you got (DZ50)
  138. Damage Over Time build
  139. I think I found a nice balance
  140. High End M1A Hand held Beast, Best Sniper in the Game?
  141. How to compare items properly?
  142. I need some advice
  143. 157k dps, 59k HP, 25k SP
  144. Enemy Armor Damage? PvE only or also PvP?
  145. Vector or Mp5 for pvp
  146. Am i building wrong for Pvp? Please help!!
  147. Going to hit DZ 50 today, what should I buy first?
  148. Can't get my head around this "Firearms" and DPS
  149. You MAY want to save your gear slots for builds - 165% Scavenging vs. 15% (video)
  150. Blue Prints
  151. scavenging rolls
  152. How do chain melee with riot shield on?
  153. Fun Survivor semi tanky??? build PVP.
  154. Self preserved on LMG's
  155. [Question] Firearms and Damage Per Shot relation ?
  156. what am i doing wrong with gear?
  157. Looking for solo leveling build (lvl 13 no DZ)
  158. Have I maxed out?
  159. Quick advice question re: Vector 45
  160. Pet bot?
  161. Lyfe of a skillpower build (Guide)
  162. Anyone else 2-manning challenge missions yet?
  163. 100k hp but sacrifice alot of dps, worth it?
  164. Critical Hit Chance Character Stat
  165. (Question) I have 30k HP why does every one rock 50K+ ?
  166. Tank build electronics heavy or Stam/firepower??
  167. Help with DPS
  168. What HE weapon blueprint should I first buy?
  169. Do i suck ? Or cheaters got me ?
  170. Currently lvl 21 and need advice/build for easy solo build ...
  171. (Feature Request) Locking in Builds
  172. Vampire/tank build.
  173. Whats your largest critical hit?
  174. Turning lvl 50 in dz today
  175. Level 14 Twink Tips
  176. Gear help pls.
  177. Does anyone have a stat cap compilation?
  178. The Best "Shield" Tanking Build! - Perfect for ANY Level - Thoughts? :D (Video)
  179. How are some people so strong?
  180. Superior Blueprints?
  181. DPS and gear questions
  182. PVP: Bullet Sponge and Damage
  183. Blueprint crafting
  184. Please Help...Low DPS?
  185. BUG ? Electronic Cape
  186. 145k DPS 119k HP Unstoppable Tank Build Guide
  187. Really have no clue what Ia m doing
  188. BiS gear. What's your preferred stats.
  189. Poor damage output with good equipment
  190. End Game Build | My loudout (Tank/DPS) ! { Be Incursions ready! }
  191. Crit damage builds.
  192. My Tank Build
  193. Newb 30 DZ 28 needs help
  194. Robust and Ballistic Shield
  195. What is the better secondary weapon type?
  196. Optimal Range vs Critical Chance for sight
  197. Question Help
  198. Striker's Battlegear for pvp or...
  199. Bout to be Level 30. Need some tips and Buld help.
  200. Tech skill drops when primary weapon is selected?
  201. Thoughts on best gear set for Ballistic tank
  202. Balancing stats as support
  203. New latest rifle build/striker bonus
  204. CC-Build in Groups viable?
  205. Glove Major Attribute: AR Dmg or Dmg vs Elites?
  206. Crafting Holsters, Trifecta possible?
  207. my vector vs AUG
  208. Here is a perfect tank build with a overshield that keeps refilling
  209. Path of The Nomad Gear
  210. The Division Weapon Guide - M44 Carbine (Statistics, Variants and Class Recommendatio
  211. Highest Known DPS?
  212. need advice what i need to do for build my char
  213. Which would you choose? Weapon A vs weapon B
  214. How is everyone basing their build around Tactician Set?
  215. Which weapon do you think I should use?
  216. Sentry's call Bonus
  217. All Shotguns need a Range and Power Drop Off Buff
  218. Guns
  219. Best Gear for Almost Any Setup! - Full Nomad Gear! - Thoughts? (video)
  220. 1 Million DPS | Sentry and Striker Mix | SMG Crit Build
  221. Skill build goal that went wrong after the release of tactician set
  222. The Division Weapon Guide - Remington M870 (Variants and Class Recommendation)
  223. Sticky bomb madness!
  224. Which Vector is best for PVE?
  225. Trouble Deciding: Sentry 4 piece Skill Build or Tactician 4 piece Balance Build?
  226. New Gear Calculator Available
  227. Share a Pic of your Gear for the Dark Zone & Team Strategy
  228. base of operations glitch
  229. Balancing Issues
  230. Dark Zone Tankyness
  231. 3/3 sentry strikers vs 4/2 and 4/0
  232. Thinking of reworking my Character...Should I Pro's N Con's... What is yours?
  233. Sentry's Call Talent - does it stack between players?
  234. Stamina Chest Schematic - 204 Question
  235. The Division Weapon Guide - M60 Light Machine Gun (Class Recommendation)
  236. Need Help with Build! (stats are going haywire)
  237. Need Help with My Character Build!
  238. Even an upgrade?
  239. 277k / 78k / 12k Tanky DPS Sentry Build | Reckless + Savage
  240. Help finding gear builds and skill/etc. builds for aiming problems
  241. ACR 204 DZ Blue Print: Is it worth it?
  242. Looking for a Tactician healer build for Falcon Lost CM
  243. What Weapon mods are you using ?
  244. Seeking Evaluation and Advice (Gear/Stats)
  245. Skill build advice?
  246. M1A modding
  247. Magazine and crit mods?
  248. I've decided to run counter-scan
  249. Does Survival Link Stack with Smart Cover?
  250. Stats opinion and question