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  1. Looking to start a clan on PS4
  2. PS4 community!!
  3. Division Zero recruiting now for PS4!
  4. Looking for people to play The Division with (PS4) UK
  5. Any Ps3-Ps4 players on this forum?
  6. The Division PS4 Clan Recruitment
  7. Division Clan For Ps4 Gamers
  8. PS4 Clan
  9. Looking for clan members on PS4.
  10. (PS4) Zero Sum Axis recruiting
  11. Security Response Team is actively recruiting (PS4)
  12. {The Silent Void}{NA PS4} {PvE Focused} {Non Skill Based}
  13. PS4 Zero Sum Axis Recruitment
  14. PS4 - gauging interest for any older gamers
  15. Looking for a clan (PS4)
  16. ps4 adult clan with mic :)
  17. Strats is recruiting mature gamers for The Division
  18. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan is now recruiting
  19. Lfc
  20. sNs clan recruiting
  21. TeamTridentsGaming Is Recruiting Ps4 Community for Gamers by Gamer!
  22. The Division PS4 Community!!!
  23. LF a PS4 Group/Clan to play Beta
  24. Looking For A Clan...
  25. [PS4] New Epoch clan recruitment!
  26. Focal Point Recruitment
  27. Task Force 88..looking for fun, mature and respectful The Division Operators!
  28. Looking for Clan for Division
  29. The Dark Zone Community
  30. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan - PS4
  32. Add Me On PSN! Looking for Clan/Team
  33. 바카라사이트 よ shs282,c0mソ 온라인바카라
  34. Hope this is true
  35. PS4 MultigamingClan Ghost Recon SpecOps Unit sucht weiter Mitglieder (German)
  36. PS4 - PVP/PVE clan
  37. PS4 Community
  38. Looking for mature clan!
  39. Looking for a mature, competitive, team-oriented group to play with
  41. Looking for clan or people to play with serious
  42. OutlawGaming
  43. Waiting for The beta to arrive
  44. HoldSquare Reapers Gaming [PS4] [21+]
  45. Urban Irregulars is now Recruiting for PS4!
  46. Ill Soul Faction
  47. adD - Looking to Recruit
  48. PbO- The Lead Order is recruiting
  49. [PS4] Looking for a clan...
  50. Disciples Union - Christian PS4 community (recruiting)
  51. Urban Irregulars on PlayStation 4 - We're looking to recruit more!
  52. sNs recruiting
  53. ILL SouL Tactics Recruitment
  54. Looking for Mature, Friendly players to group with.
  55. Looking for players to take back NY
  56. NightOwl looking for a Squad or Clan to take back the night....
  57. Exclusive FUN CLAN RECRUITING !!!
  58. Streaming on the 28th
  59. Community For The Players
  60. 21 and Up Community Looking for Players
  61. Dutch clan
  62. PS4 Division Beta recruitment
  63. Missing email for beta download
  64. The Division: ETR (Elite Tactical Reponse) Unit (Clan Recruit)
  65. Looking for a PS4 Clan
  66. Looking for clan or group on ps4
  67. looking for Agents in the (dirty dirty) South with mics
  68. 'ello Looking for chill mates from Europe
  69. Mitglieder Suche "The Division"
  70. UK/Euro Players with Mics - PS4 Community
  71. || Dark Zone Requisition Alliance ||
  73. Dads of Destiny UK (PS4) clan member looking for a similar group.
  74. Looking for a clan
  75. Tactical Gaming PS4
  76. Eastern Time AM Player
  77. Looking Team up with UK/Euro based PS4 players. Just add my PSN (Adults only)
  79. <Ronin>
  80. ★★★ Shadow Ravens Super Clan will be launching operations in The Division ★★★
  81. Looking for Non-Rogues to team up with!
  82. Quantum Shock
  83. Looking For PS4 Players To Team Up With
  84. has anyone been able to play the division on PS4 yet
  85. How do we get BETA from ps4 digital pre-order?
  86. Looking For PS4 Group
  87. Any problems connecting?
  88. Ps4 group?
  89. Turkish Recruitment
  90. Looking for PS4 Group
  91. Beta issue/redeem code.
  92. Tweet ubisoft if you still haven't got your beta key
  93. Stoinkle
  94. The Division Facebook PS4 group
  95. PS4 Beta Stream
  96. bug report ps4
  97. No access email to beta
  98. Anyone down to group up in division beta?
  99. Awesomeness
  100. PS4 DZ Group Up. ♥
  101. PS4 controller audio
  102. Ps4 enemy hit latency
  103. Medic looking for squad for Beta and Launch!
  104. How long is server down?
  105. The division
  106. HUD question
  107. Report bugs.
  108. General Thoughts And Fix Request
  109. When are the Servers back up in Germany?
  110. Weight and gear on your personal should be a factor
  111. Servers are down in Australia EST
  112. game bugs
  113. Bug and game report
  114. Shield glitch - Makes sprint very fast
  115. DEVS aTTention ASAP..video exploit
  116. Initial observations and friendly suggestions
  117. Erster division clan: Team-anarchy (ps4)
  118. PS4 Facebook community (The division)
  119. cannot open chest in darkzone
  120. Umbrella Corporation (PS4)
  121. Post towards admins
  122. Looking for a clan to run with
  123. The Division Facebook PS4 group
  124. Looking for group
  125. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Open Recruitment
  126. Umbrella Corporation PS4
  127. Mature player LFG for DZ or Hard Mission Replay
  128. Mag nog wat beter the division
  129. beresford55wilso
  130. 17+ and up The Division Group
  131. The Division Facebook PS4 group
  132. Beta key didn't work
  133. BETA Dates Inquiry
  134. No beta code
  135. Nederlandse/Belgische The Division community
  136. Umbrella Corporation (PS4)
  137. Not received guaranteed beta key for Division
  138. New group on Facebook for the Division
  139. QueenPeazy
  140. 30+Group "The Grumpy Old Men"
  141. Join the Dark Zone Sleeper Cell
  142. The division
  143. The division
  144. Transmission over the emergency network to all division agents.
  145. [B]Umbrela Corporation PS4[/B]
  146. M&A is looking to recruit new agents! Join us in the DZ and we'll have your back.
  147. Looking for 20+ Adult players. (PSN)
  148. Dark Zone
  149. SHD Field Agents
  150. Looking for someone too head up our new SHD Branch
  151. Expereinced/Semi Hardcore player LFG for Devision Launch for PS4
  152. Looking for Members | Portuguese Clan
  153. [PS4] The Division Tactical Elite PS4 Community
  154. The Syndicate : The Division Clan for 18+ gamers
  155. Looking For A Legitimate Group
  156. PS4- Comunidad / grupo ADULTO para The Division. (+18)
  157. Lone Wolf Pack: A Gaming Community for Solo Players
  158. Umbrella Corporation Clan now recruiting (We have our own website)
  159. Welcome to The True Black Hand clan (PS4 Clan)
  160. [PS4] Mature Members(18+), Fun & Friendship
  161. Team Rainbow - Now recruiting on PS4!
  162. PS4 Community
  163. Looking for anti Rogue Clan! PS4
  164. Division support language (EU Store)
  165. Plague recruiting
  166. looking for ps4 clan..canada east coast
  167. Pre Order Bonus on Playstation Store
  168. Looking to create Irish squads for The Division
  169. Ronin
  170. Hells Assassins Recruiting 25 and up
  171. The True Black Hand clan "For The Division -PS4-" is looking for members
  172. Veteran365 Recruiting (Veteran Gaming Community)
  173. Clans from Australia or NZ to join
  174. A Clan for Active/Veteran US Armed Forces Service Members
  175. TF88 The Division Recruitment Add
  176. 22+ Player looking for group
  177. The Division PS4 Facebook Group!
  178. Looking for groups/friends/clan
  179. [PS4] Grim Reaper Gamers - over 25 casual gaming clan
  180. English speakers in ASIA
  181. LF small, active, tactical group - EST
  182. Umbrella Corporation Clan now recruiting Http://UmbrellaCorporationGaming.com
  183. DarkAurA Gaming is Recruiting!
  184. TF88 - Task Force 88 - PS4
  185. Team Bravo Six One - PS4
  186. Division Regulators ((Rogue Hunters))
  187. Couch Potato Gamers - Large 18+ Gaming Clan
  188. parents play games too...
  189. The Dutch Division PS4 (Age 30+)
  190. Looking for players
  191. Use Canadian PS4 in America?
  192. Mature Gamers Wanted - PS4 Only
  193. A Danish The Divsion group
  194. UK Mature Gamers.PS4
  195. Polski Klan TWE
  196. Welcome to The True Black Hand clan (PS4 Clan)
  197. casual gamers to game with. no commitments.
  198. New PS4 Community, Everyone Welcome!.
  199. Sqaud up
  200. Arizona gamers
  201. Lazy old Dogs PS4 Recruiting 18 +
  202. Chamando Agentes BR
  203. Ps4 Digital Pre-Order Codes Standard and GoLd Edition
  204. [PS4][XB1] Deo Optimo Maximo wants YOU! NA & EU welcome!
  205. looking for casual, mature, mic-using players
  206. Looking for a group/create a group (UK)
  207. PS4 Open Division Community
  208. Skilled player looking for a clan/group to play with
  209. Cannot find The Division on playstation store (ASIA)
  210. Looking for LA based or Pacific time zone players
  211. Teg online is recruiting 5
  212. Plague recruiting players for a good time
  213. Efectividad de armas
  214. PS4 compatible headsets
  215. WU-TANG FINANCIAL-(open to all PS4 players)
  216. Division UK - Join the House of DUKs!
  217. [RALE] RAUTALEIJONA, Suomalaisten Agenttien Ryhmittymä.
  218. [PS4] The Beard Pack
  219. LF mature RP pros
  220. Looking for some people with a mic and are on later at night
  221. Error 20010159
  222. Welcome to The True Black Hand clan (PS4 Clan)
  223. EST Player looking for reliable community
  224. Join The True Black Hand -Ps4 Clan for The Division-
  225. WU-TANG FINANCIAL PS4 open to all
  226. PROJEKT RESISTANCE - The Division Squad
  227. Recruit me!!
  228. Tactical Syndicate of Britannia[UK/Europe][PS4/XB1]
  229. Firefight company is recruiting for The Division
  230. [GER][20+] Suchen 2 HC Mates :)
  231. [STCO] Strats.co is looking for Agents
  232. [ERS] Looking for Strategic PS4 players w/ Mic starting launch day!
  233. Mature UK player looking for group
  234. Division SG - Agents of the Lion City
  235. Queensland Elite recruiting Aussies
  236. LFG site for the Division!
  237. WU-TANG FINANCIAL PS4 open to all
  238. [DoD] Bushido
  239. TEG Recruiting Exclusive Adult Gaming Community Age 25+
  240. Looking for Age 20+ players
  241. LFG Day 1 EST Story
  242. Join The True Black Hand -Ps4 Clan for The Division-
  243. Dead Echo Is Recruiting! LOOKING FOR QUALITY PLAYERS!
  244. Lfg/clan/squad
  245. Trophie hunt
  246. Looking for group
  247. TEG Community Is Looking To Build An Alliance in Division. Stronger In Numbers
  248. The Division (NL) community
  249. Milites Ex Mortis [US] [PS4]
  250. Xbox exclusivity done wrong! Let s fight it!