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  1. Any Aussies on the forum looking forward to this ?
  2. Looking for members interested in starting a clan for The Division
  3. Divided-Allegiance recruiting new members,community 14 years old(mature players only)
  4. Black Steel Brotherhood Recruiting!
  5. Evolution is now recruiting.
  6. [PC] StandPoint Gaming Community
  7. Balkan Power Clan
  8. Recruitment
  9. Looking for other members to start a guild
  10. The Division - Hardcore Roleplaying Guild
  11. Looking for The Division Clan Members who want to play for fun and be part of team!
  12. Be the first to join the best clan for The Division "Fallen Nation"
  13. Official F.K.R.S. Clan post
  14. Gamer Core Italia - Italian Clan Recruitment
  15. Would like to start a crew/clan for The division if interested
  16. Wanting to join a community for Division and many more?
  17. Post you clan/community here for recruitment
  18. The Division: Console Social Hub
  19. Binary Brotherhood.com Gaming Community: Recruiting!
  20. Next Chapter Gaming looking forward to playing this game!!!
  21. [NA] & [EU] PvX - Ex Inferno Gaming Community Wants You!
  22. (PC) (ITA) Cerco giocatori per The Division
  23. ATENTION: Europe PC Players needed to form a Unit/Crew/Squad/whatever :P
  24. Tom Clancy's The Division (Official Clan)
  25. The Division Agents (TDA)
  26. =VX9= Gaming Community
  27. The Division Clan Portal
  28. The Killing Committee [Now Recruiting]
  29. My The division guild
  30. Looking for you!
  31. Looking for Online Co-op Friends
  32. Looking for people to play with
  33. Discussion on TS
  34. Triumphant Legion Recruiting
  35. NEW CLAN - Youtube - Sniper/Marksman/Leader - Recruiting now! Military Tactics!
  36. The Divison Clans
  37. FACTION 5 In the Shadows, waiting patiently.
  38. Anyone looking for a clan out there?
  39. Looking to form a guild (or what ever it may be called)
  40. The Prime-8's Clan [All Platforms]
  41. The Division Agents (TDA)
  42. Looking for new friends!
  43. Community Members Immortalized in The Division Memoir
  44. Faction 5 - Startup Clan - Welcoming New members
  45. Looking for Relaxed but competitive players.
  46. "Divided We Fall" or "Eu's finest"
  47. Clan with Military Experience?
  48. sNs clan recruiting
  49. Team MP - The Parent Gamers Clan is now Recruiting across all platforms
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  53. Looking for a PS4 Clan/Group for mature players
  54. Looking for European clan
  55. friends to play with, uh huh. uk boy
  56. Strats - multi platform community recruiting for The Division
  57. The Division Community Facebook Group (All Platforms)
  58. 바카라사이트\\シ 〔SHS282。COM〕シ\\태양성카지노
  59. (RECRUITING) MinuteClinic XBONE CLAN
  60. Looking for friends [XboxOne]
  61. Looking for a dutch clan or group
  62. LFM for xbox one
  63. Alpha Time boys
  64. Londoner looking for Alpha compadres!
  65. 420th Mountain Division[XboxOne]
  66. Xbox one alpha recruitment
  67. XBOX One clan! Contact us!
  68. LFM for XB1 Alpha
  69. add me
  70. looking for group
  71. LF people to do Darkzone
  72. Looking for Xbox one players
  73. Looking for a squad
  74. Task Force 88 is looking to add Non-Competitive Casual Players
  75. Looking for Dark Zone team
  76. Need a couple guys for xbox one
  77. Looking for people
  78. Need a few blokes to become my agent-mates
  79. The Division Xbox One Community
  80. Server is up and I need some cold hearted killers to roll with
  81. looking for group for the alhpa
  82. Dark Zone Team
  83. Group (ages 18-22) for Dark Zone
  84. Looking for a chill group
  85. The dark zone is harsh...
  86. Looking for a skilled group to run the Dark Zone
  87. Severs down still?
  88. Dark Zone Warriors!!!
  89. Join a Clan
  90. Looking for Xbox Players
  91. Urban Irregulars is recruiting! XB1 clan
  92. joʊmən recruting
  93. Dads of Destiny is recruiting agents!
  94. What can we expect the game to a guild, clan or team ?
  95. looking for a female player
  96. Clan Distinction
  97. Looking for some players or team from Czech Rep.
  99. New community sinister.gg (Multi Platform)
  100. LHB recruitment nz/nc/aus only PC
  101. [PS4][PC] Strats Co. is looking for Agents for The Division!
  102. New community looking to start clans for The Division on Xbox one.
  103. looking for group for beta! Xbone
  104. Dead Citizens clan recruitment
  105. Looking for skilled teammates to play the division with. PC
  106. The Social Noob sleeper Agent. Division or Team, or Dream?
  107. Storm Ravens - PC- Seeking loyal Agents
  108. Skilled RPG Player Looking for Team
  109. Anybody wanna team up for XB1 beta and full game?
  110. Streaming on the 28th
  111. Calling all Xbox One players!
  112. Rabid Fox Clan-Xbox One
  113. (Xbox One) STC is looking for Division players!
  114. PS4 21 and Up Community
  115. [PC] Seeking fellow Australian Agents/Groups
  116. Introducing the A.R.A.
  117. Urban Irregulars, Strategic Homeland Division
  118. *Recuiting Now* - NWE - Get in an active clan
  119. Tom Clancy's The Division Beta Team (PS4/XBO1 Gamers)
  120. Looking
  121. PS4 Players Look No Further!
  122. [PC] The Bearded Gamers are recruiting 18+
  123. Wanting a UK Xbox One Clan/Group
  124. The Ascended (TAS) Now Recruiting!
  125. Tactical Gaming is now recruiting!
  126. Looking for a regular group to play with?
  127. (PC) The Division US Group Recruitment
  128. Ps4/aus
  129. XB1 recruiting people to play the division with
  130. Looking for ps4 players
  131. ★★★ Shadow Ravens Super Clan will be launching operations in The Division ★★★
  132. [LoH] Legion of Honor is looking for recruits!
  133. Norwegians --- PS4
  134. PS4 Clan/Community Recruiting
  135. Anybody wanna team on ps4 for tomorrow?!
  136. Looking for a group right now.
  137. || Dark Zone Requisition Alliance ||
  138. Streaming and LFG to own the Dark Zone
  139. Looking for beasts to roll with XB1
  140. XB1 PvPer LF some cool people to have fun with
  141. The Division Community for Xbox One Players Only
  142. Looking For PS4 Group
  143. Looking to make a female role playing team (PC)
  144. Lone Wolf for hire on PS4
  145. Looking for group.
  146. LF european ps4 people to play with
  147. Looking for PS4 Active Players
  148. [FR & EN - RP] Reactif-6
  149. Looking for active PS4 players i'm from EU
  150. |FAP| Freaking Awesome People gaming
  151. [PC] *Feedback* Mouse Sensivity @ 4K Monitoring
  152. Paladin Platoon is recruiting
  153. Huge Gaming Community [ICE GAMING] is looking for some awesome new people
  154. Xbox one
  155. Looking for group - Xbox One
  156. Bravo a Massive et Ubi pour the division
  157. LFG Dark zone or general shinanigans
  158. Looking for a dark zone group on the division
  159. Looking for PC group or players! [DUTCH]
  160. PS4 - LFG for DZ Chest Farming
  161. PS4 - LFG Dark Zone - Mic
  162. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Open Recruitment
  163. Looking for a pvp dark zone group.
  164. I don't have a Mic how can I type?
  165. LFG for DZ chest farming
  166. Xbox one Dark zone LFG
  167. New Xbox One group, 101st
  168. the Scottish Environment Protection
  169. Mature Player LFG - DZ or Hard mission farming
  170. look voor team
  171. Nederlanse division clan
  172. Grupo Latino The Division @ Latino |PS4|PC|xONE|
  173. looking for players on Xbox one
  174. SHD Field Agents
  175. Looking for friends to play with (steam)
  176. New group on Facebook for the Division
  177. want to raid the darkzone on pc
  178. [PS4] S1CKMAD3 CLAN *Recruiting*
  179. Xbox 1 division squad recruitment for when it releases
  180. [GER] Team looking for german TheDIvision Players
  181. Elite Force 8 - PC Clan (The Division)
  182. Rogue Hunting Faction(on xbox one) with serious rules:(The SYNDICATE)
  183. Careful what you wish for...
  184. M&A is looking to recruit new agents! Join us in the DZ and we'll have your back.
  185. Combat with squad is funnier
  186. You Might Like THIS...
  187. T.U.G. 5 - Looking for PS4 players
  188. SHD Field Agents (Xbox One) (PS4) (PC)
  189. Keystone PA Agents
  190. Looking for age 20+ Adult players. (PSN)
  191. New Xbox One Clan, "GHOSTS"
  192. [xb1/ps4/pc] the urban irregulars are looking for you!
  193. [X1] Terminus Ghost - looking for PvE and peaceful Dark Zone players
  194. Looking for a small group or a big clan? Check out Alligamer!
  195. Forum Rules
  196. Welcome to The True Black Hand clan (PS4 Clan)
  197. Shadow Division WANTS YOU!!! PC based WorldWide
  198. 21+ Community recruiting for The Division and other games
  199. SHD Spys in groups watch out guys
  200. Looking for a core group of 8 to 10 players read this
  201. Dark Zone Insurgency (DZI)
  202. "GHOST"-- DZ Rogue Hunting!!
  203. Team/group recruiting(XB1)-ArchAgents
  204. CALLING ALL DADS! "Dads of The Division" Clan Recruitment
  205. =VX9= Gaming Community is giving away a FREE copy of The Division
  206. Y.E.E.H From SCB Looking for Agents
  207. Veteran365 Recruiting (Veteran Gaming Community)
  208. Clan Marine is Recruiting Active & Social Players
  209. Join The Division International Community Group in facebook
  210. Aftermath Gaming 21+ Clan now recruiting
  211. The Ascended (TAS) Now Recruiting!
  212. UK/EU Rapid Reaction force needs you !
  213. AUS/NZ - F1 Gaming - Looking for you!
  214. Ares Private Military Co. - clan recruitment!
  215. [PS4] [X1] Grim Reaper Gamers - over 25 casual gaming clan
  216. I launched a Division Looking for Group site
  217. Eastern Time Zone, Weeknights and Weekends, Looking for Group Members
  218. L4g
  219. Looking for Adult Clan for xboxone
  220. D.Z.R.A. Recruiting for Open Beta
  221. RWG - The Divison (Recruitment)
  222. Looking for Friends (lol)
  223. Squad up for DZ XBOX ONE
  224. Xb1 Dz rogue rank up
  225. looking for lvl 7 pvp group
  226. Player problems
  227. Looking to add some friends in preparation of release day.
  228. (Xbox One) Tactical Squad Recruitment!
  229. [TEG] Recruiting 5 New Members
  230. Will there be a clan system in the game ??
  231. Ps4 squad
  232. The Fashion Police have arrived!! PS4
  233. Looking for a group.
  234. YoMa #1 seven years and counting
  235. looking for xbox one group for lauch.
  236. Xbox one group
  237. PWRG Now Recruiting!
  238. Needing 3 more players to form a group for the division (xbox one)
  239. Looking for Players/Group for the Division
  240. Teg online recruiting 5
  241. [X1][PS4]DOM is recruiting Agents. NA & EU Welcome.
  242. [PC] Looking for causal players, good humored, for a small but tight-knit group
  243. [PC] Strategic Small-Knit Group - Casual Convo - TeamSpeak - Rice or Naw [US/CDN]
  244. DOD Dads of the Division
  245. WU-TANG FINANCIAL-look for us
  246. WU-TANG FINANCIAL PS4 open to all
  247. (PS4) FMV Squad looking for good teammates
  248. The Devision Discord VoIP gaming community for all
  249. [RALE] RAUTALEIJONA, Suomalaisten Agenttien Ryhmittymä. (Finnish Clan)
  250. New Zealand Clan - DivisioNZ (DNZ) - (All Platforms)