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  1. Turkish Recruitment
  2. LFG- looking for an english speaking group
  3. Looking for English speaking players for PC beta.
  4. LFG DZ or CO OP not fussed :)
  5. DZ Mature/Fun/Chill
  6. Looking for Dark Zone Group
  7. Looking for Squad to Run With in Dark Zone.
  8. DZ Rogue Villians
  9. Bugs I've found.
  10. Eastern Time Zone, 18+, Looking for Group PvE/PvP
  11. Good Stuff. Small gripes. One big concern.
  12. Suche Deutsche Spieler für eine nette Gruppe :)
  13. Lone Wolf for hire on PS4
  14. Looking for people for DZ!
  15. Looking for group.
  16. Masters of War
  17. Looking for PS4 Group
  18. Mike and delta error codes
  19. Clans
  20. Incorrect Moon
  21. GAmrzone Team Up
  22. Beta issue/redeem code.
  23. Tweet ubisoft if you still haven't got your beta key
  24. Szukam Polakow.
  25. Stuck at please press "A" to continue?
  26. Stoinkle
  27. Most fun Solo DZ - Duzenbury, bringing the law
  28. Can't change resolution
  29. The Division Facebook PS4 group
  30. Delta Error
  31. Suche Mitspieler für PvE und PvP (18+)
  32. multiple USB controller Issues!
  33. Jugable con ganas de más pero con unos gráficos que no están a la altura en PC.
  34. looking for group in the dark zone
  35. Public discord server to use!
  36. Dark zone
  37. PS4 Beta Stream
  38. Gente para ir a la dark zone!
  39. bug report ps4
  40. Bug Report
  41. Any Danish players
  42. Australian agents
  43. No access email to beta
  44. why is the beta gonna take 17 hours to download?
  45. Anyone down to group up in division beta?
  46. Looking for group on The Division
  47. Looking for people to help hunt Rouge Agents!
  48. Aussie/NZ Steam friends list group
  49. Awesomeness
  50. PS4 DZ Group Up. ♥
  51. Constnt Disconnections
  52. PS4 controller audio
  53. LF european ps4 people to play with
  54. Looking for group to play DZ for x1
  55. Ps4 enemy hit latency
  56. EU- LF players
  57. Medic looking for squad for Beta and Launch!
  58. TLR Recruitment Thread
  59. Somebody to play the Beta with
  60. Giving to civilians
  61. I need my beta code please help
  62. LFM for DZ fun
  63. the division invincibility and invisibility bug
  64. Looking for group for Dark Zone
  65. A few issues, no complaints really.
  66. Can't switch to sidearm
  67. Looking for PS4 Active Players
  68. The Division: Dark Zone
  69. DZ Group Hunt
  70. BR - Procuro jogadores casuais - BR
  71. Late Night beta grind
  72. [German] suche deutschsprachige Mitspieler für die Final.
  73. How long is server down?
  74. Intel Collection bug
  75. The division
  76. Looking for people to play with especially in the Dark Zone and missions.
  77. [PC][German]Looking for players/group
  78. Maintenance
  79. [FR & EN - RP] Reactif-6
  80. HUD question
  81. Report bugs.
  82. contaminated Stuff
  83. 15+ [DK/ENG] [EU] Looking for players/group
  84. General Thoughts And Fix Request
  85. More language
  86. Looking for active PS4 players i'm from EU
  87. When are the Servers back up in Germany?
  88. [FR-PC] Recherche des personnes pour formation d'un groupe
  89. Weight and gear on your personal should be a factor
  90. Xbox one issues I've experienced
  91. need bug fixing
  92. DE Suche nach Mitspielern!
  93. LF RP no rush minded ppl to group up with (EU)
  94. DE Spieler/Clan mit Ts3
  95. Servers are down in Australia EST
  96. game bugs
  97. Xbox one servers last night
  98. Bug and game report
  99. Shield glitch - Makes sprint very fast
  100. DEVS aTTention ASAP..video exploit
  101. |FAP| Freaking Awesome People gaming
  102. 2 Deutsche Spieler suchen Mitspieler für die Darkzone
  103. |FAP| Freaking Awesome People gaming
  104. Looking For Scwad :P
  105. Key not sent
  106. GER Player sucht Leute für Darkzone
  107. suche leute oder clan für Darkzone
  108. Initial observations and friendly suggestions
  109. Dev. Love = User Loyalty
  110. [ENG] Looking for player(s) to join group
  111. Erster division clan: Team-anarchy (ps4)
  112. [PC] *Feedback* Mouse Sensivity @ 4K Monitoring
  113. Paladin Platoon is recruiting
  114. Looking for a Rogue Squad for the DZ... Let's tear sh** up
  115. 2 Deutsche Spieler suche Mitspieler für die DZ
  116. Need teammates Beta
  117. Huge Gaming Community [ICE GAMING] is looking for some awesome new people
  118. Huge Gaming Community [ICE GAMING] is looking for some awesome new people
  119. Making Unstoppable rogue squad ADD Hytrol
  120. Duplication
  121. Looking for Friends
  122. Dark zone
  123. ENG - LF players to roll around in DZ
  124. Alpha rewards
  125. PS4 Facebook community (The division)
  126. cannot open chest in darkzone
  127. LFG Lvl 6 missions then Dark zone
  128. Xbox one
  129. EU- Looking for players
  130. Looking for Players to TEAM UP
  131. Looking for group - Xbox One
  132. UBI Extend the beta date please.
  133. Szukam Polaków na darkzony
  134. Bravo a Massive et Ubi pour the division
  135. [PC] =VX9= Gaming Community Recruiting Division Fireteams
  136. LFG Dark zone or general shinanigans
  137. Looking for a dark zone group on the division
  138. Umbrella Corporation (PS4)
  139. Post towards admins
  140. Looking for PC group or players! [DUTCH]
  141. looking for one particular player to play with again. Mr.Bad bones
  142. PS4 - LFG for DZ Chest Farming
  143. Looking for a clan to run with
  144. [eng] LF Beta Teammates
  145. Team sizes and groups
  146. UK player LFG
  147. LF RP no rush minded ppl to group up with (EU)
  148. EU- Looking for players
  149. Xbox One Facebook community (The division)
  150. The Division Facebook PS4 group
  151. looking for people to play with on xbox one
  152. PS4 - LFG Dark Zone - Mic
  153. Looking for group
  154. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Open Recruitment
  155. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Open Recruitment
  156. Lfg xbone ROGUE
  157. Umbrella Corporation PS4
  158. I need somebody to play with
  159. Looking for a pvp dark zone group.
  160. I don't have a Mic how can I type?
  161. Exinferno Recruiting! Large Multi Gaming community.
  162. LFG for DZ chest farming
  163. Friendlist
  164. Xbox one Dark zone LFG
  165. New Xbox One group, 101st
  166. The division fan Facebook page.
  167. Mature player LFG for DZ or Hard Mission Replay
  168. the Scottish Environment Protection
  169. Mature Player LFG - DZ or Hard mission farming
  170. Mag nog wat beter the division
  171. look voor team
  172. تشکیل گروه ایرانی(Iranian Group)
  173. Nederlanse division clan
  174. Eu player lf Group/members
  175. beresford55wilso
  176. Grupo Latino The Division @ Latino |PS4|PC|xONE|
  177. 17+ and up The Division Group
  178. Epux eSports recruits new people
  179. The Division Facebook PS4 group
  180. [Swe/Eng]Looking for a few people!
  181. Beta key didn't work
  182. BETA Dates Inquiry
  183. looking for players on Xbox one
  184. No beta code
  185. SHD Field Agents
  186. SHD Field Agents
  187. Looking for friends to play with (steam)
  188. The [Anarchist] | PC | MATURE CLAN 25+ | US
  189. Go Rogue, STAY ROGUE!
  190. Is this build ok?
  191. I need a teammate for steam
  192. Nederlandse/Belgische The Division community
  193. Umbrella Corporation (PS4)
  194. Not received guaranteed beta key for Division
  195. Division PVE/PVP Group/freinds needed
  196. recruiting for release.
  197. New group on Facebook for the Division
  198. QueenPeazy
  199. Equipo de protectores latinos
  200. Why does PC need a LFG form?
  201. 30+Group "The Grumpy Old Men"
  202. Join the Dark Zone Sleeper Cell
  203. The division
  204. The 19th Battalion - An Oceanic Division Clan - [AUS/NZ] 18+/TS3/Raids
  205. New group on Facebook for the Division
  206. want to raid the darkzone on pc
  207. The Division Italia R&F cerca membri
  208. [PS4] S1CKMAD3 CLAN *Recruiting*
  209. The division
  210. (TKC) The Killing Committee - Now recruiting for The Division
  211. Transmission over the emergency network to all division agents.
  212. Xbox 1 division squad recruitment for when it releases
  213. [B]Umbrela Corporation PS4[/B]
  214. [GER] Team looking for german TheDIvision Players
  215. Elite Force 8 - PC Clan (The Division)
  216. Rogue Hunting Faction(on xbox one) with serious rules:(The SYNDICATE)
  217. Dark Zone Insurgency
  218. Looking for PR players/ Buscando jugadores de PR
  219. Careful what you wish for......
  220. Careful what you wish for...
  221. Group for The Division
  222. M&A is looking to recruit new agents! Join us in the DZ and we'll have your back.
  223. M&A is looking to recruit new agents! Join us in the DZ and we'll have your back.
  224. Combat with squad is funnier
  225. You Might Like THIS...
  226. Buscando clan español
  227. Looking for new friends + clan (PC-EU)
  228. Looking for 20+ Adult players. (PSN)
  229. Dark Zone
  230. New x1 clan "101st"
  231. T.U.G. 5 - Looking for PS4 players
  232. SHD Field Agents
  233. SHD Field Agents
  234. Looking for someone too head up our new SHD Branch
  235. SHD Field Agents (PC)
  236. SHD Field Agents (Xbox One) (PS4) (PC)
  237. Keystone PA Agents
  238. Expereinced/Semi Hardcore player LFG for Devision Launch for PS4
  239. Tired of Clan Shopping? Join [Grievance] !
  240. Observations from a U.A.T
  241. Quality of life suggestions and true-rogue distinctions
  242. The division conpanion
  243. Nvidia Shield
  244. Looking for age 20+ Adult players. (PSN)
  245. New Xbox One Clan, "GHOSTS"
  246. [PC][EU/NA]Paterno Gaming | PvP focused | Fun | Relax | Competetive
  247. Looking for people to play with XB1 On launch and grind pve and pvp fun
  248. Looking for Members | Portuguese Clan
  249. Clan/group to join
  250. [PC][EU]/like PVE/for fun/after work and the weekend/