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    Helix points do not work in neither Syndicate nor Unity. Makes me wonder if the "helix server" didn't get broken because of Origins development.

    I just bought a used copy of Unity at EBGames yesterday.... they tried to get me to pre-purchase Origins but I said no thanks... rather wait to see how bad it's bugs will be.
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    AC Syndicate ridiculousness

    AC Syndicate ridiculousness

    Tried accessing the helix points i had earned throughout playing the game, but for 5 days I've been receiving the same message...

    "Ubisoft error [0x20100300], try again later"

    I've tried again many laters.. to no avail.

    I bought your game, gave you my money, played the entire thing legitimately and now you rob me on what i rightly earned RIGHT AT THE END.
    The reason i need the helix map is because ONE helix glitch fails to display in The Thames, now i can't 100% the game.


    support the people who support your games -.-

    (mind you guys, this is on xbox one)
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    Assassin's Creed Unity - Helix credits not showing

    UPDATE - Received helix credits for one pack. Waiting for other pack to be credited. Glad to know Ubisoft is doing something.

    I am also waiting for my helix credits to show up. It has been 3 days and nothing. This is getting ridiculous. I bought 2 ultimate pack from Amazon and redeemed it in PlayStation Store. Still have not received anything. I have been contacting the support team every day and all I get is "We are working on it. It is a known issue. We do not know how long it will take to resolve it"

    For gods sake, how difficult is it for Ubisoft to verify my purchase/account and credit me with helix credits. They asked me to upload the receipt which I have done. This is frustrating and quite frankly, unfair!!!!!
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    On August 8th, I tried to buy 3 different chest pieces with Helix Credits and got a Ubisoft connection error all 3 times. They were not purchasable, and the game took 600 of my Helix Credits. A few days later they were purchasable with florins, but Ubisoft never refunded my 600 Helix Credits. It's been almost two weeks since I contacted Ubisoft support and all they are doing is giving me the run around. Now they're telling me that they've been doing maintenance in the Unity in game shop and that's why my helix Credits disappeared. It takes two weeks to resolve this issue? Why is the in game shop even up if it's not working? I keep getting the run around with these idiots in Ubisoft Support, who clearly don't care about the customer. I'll have beaten the game by the time they get their crap together. My advice to anyone who is reading this is don't purchase Helix Credits. Ubisoft doesn't seem to care if they take your money or your items and not give anything to you in return.
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    Same thing happened to me and I'm still waiting for my Helix Credits to be refunded.. It's been two weeks.
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