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    Helix points do not work in neither Syndicate nor Unity. Makes me wonder if the "helix server" didn't get broken because of Origins development.

    I just bought a used copy of Unity at EBGames yesterday.... they tried to get me to pre-purchase Origins but I said no thanks... rather wait to see how bad it's bugs will be.
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    AC Syndicate ridiculousness

    AC Syndicate ridiculousness

    Tried accessing the helix points i had earned throughout playing the game, but for 5 days I've been receiving the same message...

    "Ubisoft error [0x20100300], try again later"

    I've tried again many laters.. to no avail.

    I bought your game, gave you my money, played the entire thing legitimately and now you rob me on what i rightly earned RIGHT AT THE END.
    The reason i need the helix map is because ONE helix glitch fails to display in The Thames, now i can't 100% the game.


    support the people who support your games -.-

    (mind you guys, this is on xbox one)
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    Assassin's Creed Unity - Helix credits not showing

    UPDATE - Received helix credits for one pack. Waiting for other pack to be credited. Glad to know Ubisoft is doing something.

    I am also waiting for my helix credits to show up. It has been 3 days and nothing. This is getting ridiculous. I bought 2 ultimate pack from Amazon and redeemed it in PlayStation Store. Still have not received anything. I have been contacting the support team every day and all I get is "We are working on it. It is a known issue. We do not know how long it will take to resolve it"

    For gods sake, how difficult is it for Ubisoft to verify my purchase/account and credit me with helix credits. They asked me to upload the receipt which I have done. This is frustrating and quite frankly, unfair!!!!!
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