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    Watch Dogs Patch (6/18/14)

    Hello all,

    Good news! We now have more information on the patches that will be deployed on WD. We apologize if you were affected by any of these issues, but we greatly appreciated your patience while we got this sorted.

    A new patch for the game is coming on all platforms. The patch will be available for download on the PlayStation 4 in the next few hours. PlayStation 3 will be available shortly. For PC, the patch will be available in the coming days. For Xbox One and Xbox 360, the patch will be released within the next week. We’ll keep you updated on all progress.

    You’ll find the details below. If you have questions, please ask them in this thread and we’ll try to be a specific as possible with our answers.

    • Automatically reconstructed corrupted save files which prevented loading to go further than 90%. Some collectibles may remain unrecoverable.
    • Fixed the issue preventing players from using hacks in game.

    • Fixed several mission-breaking bugs.
    • Fixed minor mission and item-related issues.
    • Fixed the issue that caused the empty weapon-wheel.

    • Fixed several minor respawn issues.
    • Fixed some connection and session joining issues.

    • Fixed graphical glitches on Low & Medium settings.
    • Fixed some crashes on SLI configurations.
    • Implemented several performance improvements.
    • Implemented a few control improvements.
    • Fixed issues causing infinite messaging and timing-out when trying to access the Online Shop from the Extras Menu while Uplay is set to Offline mode.
    • Fixed issues connecting to a Multiplayer game.
    • Implemented several mouse modifications.
    • Fixed “Drinking Game” control issue where wrong information was displayed when played with a gamepad.
    • Fixed “Chess Game” control issue.
    • Fixed bug where the invasion setting was never saved.
    • Fixed graphical issues during cut scenes and cinematics.
    • Fixed several graphical and texture bugs.
    • Removed Vista OS check to prevent false positives.
    • Added game version in main menu.

    The WD Team

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    Wow, thanks!

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    Hack Friends

    Now you need to patch being able to hack your friends.

    If they are uplay friends then no notoriety points awarded or taken away, problem solved. If the mobile app has "contacts" in your in game phone then there is no reason why Aiden can't have "contacts" in his phone containing friends list.

    Please make this happen!

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    Check it out

    Check it out this :

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    Please fix the graphic

    We want it like what we saw in E3

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    No offense, but it is about time. Ha ha. With little info, if a patch would ever come out. You all finally came through. Even though the date is off by... two and a half weeks or so.

    Kudos Misty, Shade and the Devs!

    *Added* P.S. As always, picking favorites with PS4 having the patch released first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by star-black619 View Post
    Please fix the graphic

    We want it like what we saw in E3
    Just take a look at this video and download the ''mod'':

    How you can see, all of the E3 graphics are in your game files, just that they are being locked. So don't be afraid of the size of it, because it's just a config file that unlocks them cool graphics (tried it myself, at least textures and depth of field are now extremely close to the ones from 2012). Also, watch the video if you want to know why was all this data locked!

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    " For PC, the patch will be available in the coming days " Once again PC kicked in a s s!


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    i start a new game but a badly back up my old save with campaign finish is that possible to recover it from the cloud ?

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    Implemented several performance improvements.
    Which consist of what?

    Pretty poor patch notes to be honest, and it's taken this long? I don't see a substantial, detailed list of:

    - Stuttering issues
    - Performance issues on setups
    - Performance issues on certain cards
    - Graphical upgrades (from hidden E3 files)

    But i suppose, we'll just have to trust them.

    How big will the patch be? 10mbs, 120mbs, 2 gigs?

    I wonder how many "ninja changes" have been made, i wouldn't be surprised if they removed all the "hidden e3" stuff lol.

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