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    Thoughts on new FC 4 DLC

    My opinion is it sucks. I have a time limit on playing. I don't mind the if I die starting over. Even though they took away every stat gun unlockable I earned to play this DLC. You have a thirty min time limit. Outpost add 5 min, most everything only adds 1 to 2 min. You have to re craft everything, so you really don't have time to hunt. Can't fast travel which is ok,if I didn't have that stupid time limit. Just not impressive at all. So many ways they could of gone with a DLC. Continue the story with who ever you sided with, quest in the mountains, more stuff with many ways. They took the cheapest and easiest way for themselves.
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    I have to agree with you there. I maintain a policy of rent before I buy and in the case of DLC like this it's view before I buy. I heard the premise of the DLC and I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, but when I started seeing people play it I immediately bailed on it. Frankly, it just comes off as lazy to me. Even if you do take outposts and such very quickly, the play time to the DLC is horribly limited and the perma death part only seals that issue further. They could have put up a higher difficulty DLC that was actually difficult and it would have honestly been a better idea than this sad package was.
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