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    Request for dedicated servers in Far Cry 4

    As someone who owns FC1, 2 and 3, I have to say that FC3 multi player was a huge disappointment. With the map editor, FC3 multiplayer could have been a huge hit. But UBI's ignorance and arrogance to not release dedicated servers or even a server browser killed FC3 mp within days. It baffles my mind as to why they would release a map editor without dedicated servers to this date. Please don't make the same mistake with FC4. If FC4 has a mp mode, just do it right. If not, just release a SP and CO-OP mode. You are only creating pissed off consumers with half-*** products like FC3 mp ( especially on PC). Cheers.

    Oh, this is how bad FC3 mp was. All clips came from a single match.
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    Bigg Yes on this!!! When FC3 was in dev the community went on a rampage and was really trying to push the question for Dedicated servers.
    But sorry to say no... we dident. And the multiplayer was ****! Total ****! Not the gameplay part... but the p2p crap system. Dident work what so ever!!
    Simpel what the devs need to do:
    -Real dedicated server that the community is hosing
    -Anti-cheat system
    -Mod options
    -NO GAMELISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    let's hope someone takes notice of the misdirection and epic fail of the multiplayer and map editor on farcry3. the single player was great, but the ability that was given on the mp and map editor on farcry2 was the saving grace along with the massive storyline. the game was and still is better than farcry 3. Ubisoft can do better than this on farcry 4, follow your moral compass Ubisoft.
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