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Thread: Ubisoft® takes players to new heights with Far Cry® 4 | Forums

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    I could see some James Bond setting where your skiing down the mountain and other bad guys behind ya shooting.

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    I was just checking over this LINK HERE
    Basically they picked up on a few things from the Box Art

    When you zoom into certain parts you can see that the violence that is expected in a Far Cry game is still in existence.
    With some poor soul currently trussed up in what looks like an Asian structure of sorts, which is absolutely no surprise as we already know the game is set in Asia.
    The village set in the mountain in the background leads me to hoping that we are going to be climbing rock faces to attack villages and leaping of said rock faces to get away from the enemy soldiers.

    The person writing the article is also hopeful that we might get to use those flags attached to ropes / wires as some form of zipline in the game.

    That image above I found on deviantart - looks like someone spent a whole lot of time in photoshop putting that together.
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    I don't care about season pass... but if ubi would make one this means that the game will be more supported than FC3 (hopefully).

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    Quote Originally Posted by xRaDRoacHx View Post
    I don't care about season pass... but if ubi would make one this means that the game will be more supported than FC3 (hopefully).
    What do you think?

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    FarCry 4: Will there be any content differrences between platforms

    Couple questions here:

    1. Will There be any content difference between say Xbox One and Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4?

    1a. Naturally people will say graphics but really its just an preference between say Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 or Xbox One and PlayStation 4 HOWEVER will there be and graphics difference between the 2 - meaning Xbox 360 and Xbox One OR PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4?
    I know people PC will always has better graphics lol

    2. Will or Are players able to play together on the the same manufacture platforms like can Xbox 360 players be able to play with people with Xbox One players OR PlayStation 3 players be able to play with PlayStation 4 players?

    3. Will FarCry 4 be downloadable through Steam for the PC or just UPLAY?

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    I made my pre-order today...

    I couldn't resist to pre-order...I just did at gamestop ! 3 more missions...!

    all that was cool on far cry 1,2 and 3 are on Far Cry 4 and even more great suprises....gyrocopter is a genius idea and coop in the main open world map will be very cool..!

    Far Cry 4 looks awesome and very cool....and with out a doubt 2014 best game of the year..!

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