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    Problem with warden promotion

    I found the poachers, freed Spike and killed 3 of the poachers but the fourth one disappeared. I've searched everywhere in the forest but can't find him, and the quest won't complete until I kill all 4 poachers. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Fixed. When I used Spirit Gate immediately after loading a game all of the world creatures re-spawned, including the poachers, so I was able to kill them all. I don't know if the re-spawning is a bug, but its a mighty useful one if it is. lol.

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    I kill all four bandit, and...take Spike with me. So I think I deserve no promotion. Then I kick Spike out of my team and free it again, I still can't get the Warden Promotion finished. Did I miss something?

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    OK. Finally, figure it out. After you take Spike with you. Then Press Space to the cage again, you will get a message you free the animal. And the mission is completed.

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