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    Black and Red Sails did not unlock properly

    Hey guys (and gals) at Ubisoft,

    I've been on a personal quest to finish AC4 on all available consoles. Recently, the Community Challenge was to unlock the Black and Red Sails. I completed the challenge on each console, and all of them unlocked for me except the Wii U version. I completed the challenge on the Wii U, and I even got the message saying I'd completed the challenge with the community and that the Sails had unlocked. However, they remain unavailable for use. I thought that maybe I just wasn't far enough along in the story, but as of the point where the Fleet Missions are unlocked, I have the Persian swords that were just awarded, but still cannot use my Sails. Any advice or help on the issue would be greatly appreciated.


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    I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue. I ask that you be sure you're using the same save file on the Wii U. If possible, please try another community event to see if it unlock. I will report this so it may be know, although it is not a known issue at this time. I would ask checking all save files on the game to see if it appears. If this continues, please feel free to contact your region's Support team if it continues. You may do so using the links in my signature.
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    Thanks for the reply! Yes, I've already unlocked the Persian Scimitars from this past week's challenge. It unlocked straightaway. The Black and Red Sails just didn't. I completed the challenge. The Initiates list on the side of the pause menu acknowledged that I completed it and told me the sails were unlocked. They just aren't. They remain a red-colored 0-reale priced, greyed-out item on the Jackdaw Appearance menu, despite this.

    -- Goldenfoxx (Topher)
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    I would like to add that I now have the same exact problem with El Impoluto's Wheel. Logged in, got the message that I beat the challenge with the community, went immediately to a place where I could equip it, and just like the Black-and-Red Sails, the Wheel is greyed out and un-selectable. Seems the Persian Scimitars are the only thing that have properly unlocked for me so far. ANY help or advice would be great!

    Thanks in advance,

    -- Foxx
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