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    Use a Chorus Pedal

    I'm stuck on the Mission "Use a Chorus Pedal".
    Its a Tone Editing Mission.
    I can edit Tones and see the "R" symbol where it tells me to Assign a pedal to the loop.
    Is there a specific "Chorus Pedal" that I am suppose to use?

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    any chorus pedal should work,if it doesnt, try them all, sorry I'm not more of a help,it's been ages since I did this mission.

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    So what is a "Chorus Pedal"?
    I don't see a "Chorus pedal" as an option anywhere.

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    Just look through the various categories of pedals until you find a pedal with Chorus in its name.
    I think they live in the reverb category or the dynamics category.

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    Talking Chorus Pedals in MOD category

    Quote Originally Posted by Solar Maximus View Post
    So what is a "Chorus Pedal"?
    I don't see a "Chorus pedal" as an option anywhere.
    I found the Chorus pedals in the 'MOD' category. You should find the following chorus pedals:

    Bass Chorus
    Chorus 2.0
    Digital Chorus
    Vintage Chorus

    There's not a RockSmith icon on it. I just searched each category until I saw them in the 'MOD' section.

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