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    Hey Val,

    I was trying to find the past patch notes. Would it be possible to make all the updates/patch notes sticky? I would like to read through them all but wasn't able to find them. If your not able to make them sticky would you be able to provide links? Thank you very much.

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    The patch added new moves, but the DLC characters also requires level to unlock it, is this intentional?
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    Couple things I wanna say:

    1. Is the update out? Heard some people said they have it... weird.

    2. "Various Fixes on the Contract System." HA! I KNEW IT WAS BUGGED. No seriously UBI, it was a piece of garbage. I do hope that this makes it a bit more... tolerable. Not keeping my hopes up though.

    3. We fixed various issues pushing players into limited mode
    Fixed issues causing crashes and freezes THESE BETTER BE TRUE.

    4. "Fix on the freeun" Erm... how? What was wrong with it? Are you getting rid of a certain move?

    5. Also you really need to fix that challenge resetting bug after patches.
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    • Fixed the situation where the user could not kill or stun while both assassin and target were near a corner

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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry, there was a misunderstanding. The TU4 is out today. It will take more time for some than others to get it, but it should be out for everyone quickly.
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    pc will get it today too?

    edit: jjust saw zzeno's tweet
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    I would like more information as well in what exactly has changed especially re: free running and corner stunning, have other xbox360 players had their challenges reset?
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    LOL. Ok, this patch is funny. Here is an expereince from an assassinate game I just played:

    Note: This lobby was glitched. The host left as soon as the lobby was switching maps, therefore making the same map and mode play again. I was also the host, so it could have also been my connection. Not sure if that was the cause but just read this.

    1: The time freeze bug in assassinate wasn't fixed. Just expereinced it. Clock was stuck at around 8:30

    2. There was a moment in the match where there were 2 buccaners.

    3. There was an invisible player in the match.

    4. Many instances of NPCs where I couldn't unlock them after aquiring them.

    5. A player who I could lock, did not give me an approach meter, and I couldn't kill him. Ended up getting stunned, but he can kill me just fine.

    6. This happened at the end of the match: I was playing as Lady Black, the 2nd place guy was the Wayfarer and the 3rd place guy was the Jaguar. WTF HAPPENED!?
    Blackbeard was also being played by the guy who I couldn't kill.
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    Am I the only one who hates that "whisper" feature??

    I miss the first acb days when the beta was out and theres was real stealth to killing someone.
    now when my target hears a "whisper" they take off running, thats not fun at all.

    and also even when I hear the whisper as an opponent gets close (me being their target) it does not scare me or put me on high alert, it just makes me start to walk faster, then i get killed and its like... "Oh ok."

    when it used to be like "wow this dude creeped up out of no where!"

    the whisper removes all stealth and fun from multiplayer.

    Am I the only one?? Please say no! Lol

    please at least make a game mode just without or quite honestly i'd be happy if it was gone completely.
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    Ok I Installed this patch on my PS3 today, a few issues however:

    - Whilst the disconnection error seems to have been fixed when playing solo, when grouped with friends however we are still constantly being 'disconnected from host..', this happens 9/10 times it is almost impossible to play a match with my friends, and if I want to group with 2 or 3 friends - forget about it, no way are we playing without getting disconnected from each other.
    - Please fix the exclamation mark (!) icon that keeps re-appearing on customization items after signing out despite the fact I have either already bought or 'clicked' on those items.
    - In manhunt the voiced game mode description is glitched as already pointed out - also adding an option to remove the voice description is a good idea
    - My challenges have been reset for the third time, this time I was really, really upset because I was over 95% on adversarial, abilities and style and 100% on WP how can I unlock those relics if this keeps happening?
    - I played a match of domination today and the time was stuck at 9:45 o___o
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