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    Skull Rock password to level 2?

    Any help would be appreciated, what is password to enter lv 2?

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    no kidding ...

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    Where the heck was that? I bumped my head all over the place in there and couldn't find a thing.

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    from the guy who told u to go there in the first place
    he'll mention they kept talking about "swordfish"

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    I came here because I forgot that he said that... maybe it would be better to have such informations in the quest log - but nothing was mentioned there

    Quite easy to forget if you don't do the quest right away... just have one or two days off and it's most definately gone

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    I got the password on the first try, but only because I recently watched the Marx brothers. I came here to see if it was a fluke or an easter egg or something.

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