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    What to do after the lighthouse ?

    This might sound stupid, but I'm unable to see what to do next...

    I did the lighthouse and the Den of Thieves, I somehow believe than I need to do the castle but there is a guard blocking the way telling me that I need to go away.
    I looked a bit and Maximus seems to give a quest for that but he has nothing for me.

    Did I miss something obvious to do ?

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    Maximus should give you another quest and point you in the right direction.

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    You should have a new quest involving flying to the Elemental forge. To get there, try the previously closed door in the north-eastern area of the 3rd floor in Castle Portmeyron: some guy there will lend you his griffin for a ride. Don't do the same mistake as I did: don't bring the pack horse along, you'll have to dismiss it in order to fly. So, don't buy it before finishing the first part of the elemental quest, at least if you feel like having double inventory space is a must, which is not. Once you'll have cleansed the earth altar, the road will be unlocked and you'll be able to get to Seahaven and die every 5 minutes on the roads like I do. Which is a pleasure.

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    I can't enter the castle Portmeyron. When I try there is a dude telling me that the governor doesn't want to see anyone without an appointment bla bla bla...

    And Maximus doesn't give any quest after the lighthouse...

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    Have you tried going back to the garrison in town first? It should unlock the castle's dungeon.

    If I remember well, things go that way :

    Get quest for spider well,
    Kill spider queen and while you're here, clear the whole thing to finish side quest (Smugler's cove),
    Go back to garrison,
    Get quest for lighthouse,
    Finish dungeon,
    Go back to garrison just to make sure, but I don't think you really have to,
    Get quest for Den of thieves,
    Finish dungeon,
    Go back again,
    Get quest for Portmeyron,
    Finish dungeon,
    Get quest for Elemental forge (part 1),
    Cleanse the altar in the lower level and get wiped often,
    Road unlocks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicommki View Post
    IWhen I try there is a dude telling me that the governor doesn't want to see anyone without an appointment bla bla bla...
    bug maybe. what Maximus says? Post quest log screenshot (including completed)

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    I will post everything when I'm home.

    As far as I remember, Maximus has 2 dialogue options :
    - train endurance (or something like that)
    - Gossip about orc

    For the quest, I did in order :
    1) spider queen
    2) den of thieves (the quest to get the book and find Luke)
    3) the lighthouse

    When coming back to Maximus for the lighthouse, without speaking to him, the lighhouse quest validated itself.

    Maybe the order in which I performed the quest created a problem...

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    So, Lighthouse is still active?
    Did you activate the Lighthouse after killing the Boss?
    The statues on top floor should be glowing.

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    I got the same problem. And yes, i activate lighthouse, and do everything i can. I speak everyone npc in town, and discovered all grid outside the town. It's really annoying ;/

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    Same issue. Finished all quests in the area (Rosalie is back to the temple after I killed the first bandit chief): no main quest unfinished. I go to Maximus but he has nothing for me... So stuck...

    I did:
    1. Finished Spider queen > went back to town, talked to everybody
    2. Finished Lighthouse > went back to town, talked to everybody
    3. Finished Bandit den > went back to town, talked to everybody
    4. Castle Portmeyron is locked...

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