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    Assassin's Creed Liberation HD ac3lhd_32.exe error

    Okay, so I pre-ordered the AC Liberation HD and played it on the day it was released, however, the next day, when I tried playing it again, the game just enters a black screen and when I returned to the desktop page, an error window came up saying, "ac3lhd_32.exe has stopped working" I'm a little frustrated cause I seriously wanna play it so can someone please tell me how to fix this problem? (BTW, I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but it doesn't seem to work...)
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    Same issue here. Had to log out from task manager, logged back into the game and could play a while before it crashed out and I had to repeat the process. At least that was the case until the last time it did it. Then I logged back in to find that my save was now "damaged" and I had to start from zero again...I am all for replaying a game, but I prefer to actually get it completed before I restart all over gain.
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    You know you can make backups? Some log from the crash might also be useful.
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    Actually, I asked my brother for help and he updated my nvidia graphic card (through online) and now, the error is gone, thx for the help anyways =)
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