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    New ac4 patch on ps4 resets your account!

    Was prestige 1 level 42 or so... Now I'm level 1 again.

    Nobody is online (literally there are no sessions)

    Abstergo Plus is gone.

    All my credits items... Everything (except my character pack) was reset.

    Ubi you had people pay you for Erudito credits. Better explain yourself. This is 100X worse than challenges resetting.

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    Hi Metalsnake,

    That's very unlikely. We are investigating the issue but for now our main lead is that players are rerouted to the wrong server. That would give the impression that your account progression has been reset.

    I'll keep you posted on this as soon as possible. We're hoping we can get this sorted very quickly.

    EDIT: The issue has been fixed. Thank you for your help!
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