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    Freedom Cry - Jackdaw --->[SPOILERS]<---

    Dem feels when you encounter the wreck of the Jackdaw.

    Must have been a epic battle of biblical epic proportions for her to go down.
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    As I wrote somewhere else, my heart broke into pieces the moment I saw my lovely Jackdaw wrecked in Davy Jones's Locker.
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    I hope the tell us what happened her.
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    I know. Seeing my darling Jackie destroyed at the bottom of the ocean really, really broke my heart. I actually cried. So much. When I went back to Edward I sailed the Jackdaw for a loong time before making ashore. That's how upset I was. (Kinda sad, I know, but hey, she's a loveable ship.)

    It doesn't really make sense though, because didn't Edward sail the Jackdaw to England with Jenny? How did it end up in the Caribbean again?
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    He sailed back to kill Rogers. DLC ALERT!
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    Does beg the question why the Jackdaw was back in the Caribbean when Edward took her to England. So either he did go back to deal with Rogers in 1732 or he gave the Jackdaw to the Assassins or potentially to someone else. Possible he just sold her but chances are he gave her to the Assassins. So potentially the Jackdaw was the first of the Assassin fleet and was later joined by the Aquila ... but the two didn't last together very long before the Jackdaw sank. Aquila was built in the 1730s would would likely be around the time the Jackdaw went down. Unless the Aquila was built to actually replace the Jackdaw.

    Makes you hope Ubisoft fills in that hole, but can't say I'm counting on it. Given how long some of us have been pestering them regarding Connor's fate and we've gotten nothing but a hand slap and given dangling keys to distract us, not betting on the Jackdaw's end being explained. Would be rather random for it to pop up in the next game or the one after without a good reason. Altair's fate in Revelations made sense, but put Ezio's fate in AC3 and that would've come out of no where. I'd bet Initiates will likely be the only way they'd reveal what happened to the Jackdaw (and potentially other loose threads) since that's just little blips of information attached to dates. Doesn't require anything massive for them to work on besides maybe a picture and a paragraph or two.

    What's known:
    1.) Jackdaw sank northwest of Jamaica suggesting the ship was possibly heading to Kingston or just left Kingston.
    2.) Jackdaw's about 50 miles or so off the coast of Jamaica.
    3.) Jackdaw was damaged enough to lose the figurehead off her bow and (if I saw it right in the video ) was lying in 2 pieces at the bottom of the sea floor.

    My theories:
    1.) Edward went to the Caribbean to kill Rogers in Nassau and possibly brought the family making the excuse of it being a family vacation. He could then use them as an aliby and an excuse to get out of some situations. Judging from the AC4 ending, Haytham wasn't beyond pestering his father for something even when he was in the middle of a conversation. While sailing back to Kingston to meet up with Tessa, Jenny, and Haytham after killing Rogers in Nassau, he got caught by enemy ships (Templars, pirate hunters, etc). Edward decided to make the enemies think he was dead so abandoned ship and blew up the Jackdaw. A nearby ship then picked him up and took him back to Kingston.
    * Since we're not sure how long Jenny knew Edward was an Assassin, possible she could've found out around this time or possibly just before. She found out at some point before 1735 and knew a hell of a lot longer than Haytham did.
    **Apparently in the book, Rogers got kicked out of the Templars after he returned to England. So either he somehow got back into the Order or Edward just killed him to complete his promise to the Assassins.

    2.) Edward gave the ship to the Assassins who then took it to the Caribbean to deal with Rogers. Ship got caught in a naval battle and lost due to an inexperienced crew.

    Alternate option: Jackdaw got caught in a hurricane or water spout and went down. Also possible a spark got into the gunpowder and up went the ship.

    Realistically, we should've known the Jackdaw wasn't going to be around in the modern day. Few ships from the era still exist today. Very few are authentic. Many are reproductions. So even the Aquila likely sank or got dismantled at some point after 1783. Although I must say I'm surprised the ship's written off so fast. Thought for sure she'd still be around by Connor's day. Although if she was, then Haytham could've just taken her to America.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aL_____eX View Post
    He sailed back to kill Rogers. DLC ALERT!
    There has to be something related to this. They won't keep Rogers alive otherwise (and point it out clearly to the player.) My headcanon is that he came back to Nassau to finish the job and the Jackdaw got wasted in the process. Eddy sailed back to England on another ship after that and Forsaken happened.
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