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    Social Treasures and Community Challenges AC4

    So do i just wait for things to pop up because I have only found one white whale in my 50+ hours of gameplay.
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    Yes, because both are having issues right now and currently being worked on.

    All you can do is wait, and if you'd like, contact Support on the issue. They'll forward it on.
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    Okay, well another problem I have is that I finally got my first community challenge where "the community" has to plunder 3,000,000 ships and each person has to plunder 15 ships for participation and the El Impoluto's wheel. I've plundered more than enough of my share but it doesn't register so I am sitting at 0/15 plundered ships. PLEASE HELP!!!
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    Are you "repairing the Jackdaw" as your option? That's the only way it registers, apparently.
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    I've done all three, Repairing, lowering the wanted level, and the Kenway's fleet... But i guess ill just repair every time and see how it goes. Thank you.
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    Interesting. I don't have the Challenge as I'm on PC and we are apparently not getting it. Sorry I couldn't aid you further.
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