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    Completed Main Story, Templar Hunt is gone, missing one key?!

    So I just complete the main story and for whatever reason, I have no more templar hunt mission icons showing on my map but I am missing one of the keys.

    As they appear on the door, I have the top and bottom to keys but I am missing the middle (3rd) key. There are no icons anywhere on my map an I just want to complete an get that armor!

    Any tips?

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    Go to Seranilla. Mine didn't show up either so I checked the Guide on IGN and determined which one I hadn't done and when I fast traveled to Seranilla (it's about in the middle of the map a little north and a little east of center) and the icon showed up.

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    Ok I will try that. As far as I can gather it is the final mission with Rhona to assassinate Flint.

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    Nothing at Serranilla, thanks for the tip though.

    Any others? This is starting to piss me off lol

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    Shootz. Someone hacked the Wiki at IGN so I can't show you the page right now. One of the others that people were talking about is Grand Cayman I think.

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    Did you do all the ones with Opia? All of her's start at different islands I think.

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    Here you go. The Wiki at IGN was restored. Check out the descriptions of the different hunts and see which one you haven't done yet.

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    Ok so I went through the IGN wiki and I only have one mission that is not done. "Flint's End" with Rhona. From what I can tell she is suppose to be in Kingston for this final mission but she definitely is not.

    Edit: She should be in Havana
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    This is the final Rhona mission and there is no icon...


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    That sucks. It sounds like you have one of the missing mission/mission broken bugs that so many have reported.

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