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    I completely feel your frustration!!!!! Exact same thing happened to me and I am still awaiting an answer to a ticket I submitted 12/9. This is so irritating and completely unprofessional. just give us an answer or FIX THE PROBLEM!!
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    Im having the same issue,if i goto uplay through the ps4 in game menu i see ng 197239,and it shows my progression in the game.
    However when i sign in online im ng 1972,so when i try the companion app all i see is no game data,even though im 20% into the game,ive reset my passwords,linked accounts,tried everything.
    I have also raised a ticket where uplay asked for my psn id,which i provided 2 days ago now but still no reply.
    You would have thought it be a simple process to be able to stop the game from automatically signing in on boot up so we the user could change our passwords to the correct psn id ?

    Forgot to mention,whichever id is displayed the progress in the game is exactly the same
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    I'm having the exact same issue here. I honestly would be happy if Ubisoft admitted there's a problem, but I'm starting to think a solution isn't coming. All I want is to link my account in the companion app so I can use it. Apparently because my psn uses the same email as my uplay account it's confused? I wish I knew for certain.
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