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    Quote Originally Posted by Lokikron View Post

    Does sabotage stop a player from using a ranged weapon if they are aiming it when hit by sabotage

    yes, it does. i did this today in one of our games.

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    Today I had a lock broken (or at least not visible) in Smoke (which I wasn't in the radius of, at the time), and also by Disruption (again, either broken or at least not visible). I also had a hell of a time trying to lock Bodyguards so I could knife them before I got stunned. And failed each time.

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    I have a thing I am unsure of and would appreciate if someone would take their time to test it out. It's kinda hard to word it but here goes:

    1. Locks on target.
    2. Screen faces the opposite direction of target.
    3. Mashes kill button.
    4. Target runs towards you while mashing stun button.

    Would this be a contested kill or a confirmed naked stun? In the previous ACs, this would definitely lead to a contested kill, but somehow in AC4 I don't feel it work as well, or sometimes, at all. Need some mythbusting up in here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UltraVioletNicky View Post
    I'm on it (or already were!):
    Excellent work! I'll add it to the OP, let's work together towards busting all the myths!
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    Is it possible to booby trap a door which has already been booby traped by another player?

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    For an update: My friend and I will be doing a recording session on sunday, as I have work this week, and they have their uni tests this week. Large time difference also doesn't help.

    Quote Originally Posted by woodbok View Post
    Is it possible to booby trap a door which has already been booby traped by another player?
    I want to say "no" because, who would get credit for the kill? But it's still worth testing out.

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    I believe booby trapping over another booby trap overwrites it. In AA I would sometimes put a booby trap on theirs, thinking it would trick them. But after a while I get the message "Your booby trap has disappeared" and theirs is back. So I'm pretty sure it over writes.

    Animus shield will absorb 1 animus hack, regardless of charges. Exactly the same as in AC3. Have done it once, though the guy didn't rehack me after which was strange. Maybe there's some penalty for hacking a shield now?

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