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    Can't connect to ubisofts server

    Hello, I have AC4 on xbox one and at the main menu I can't connect to the uplay it tries then tells me to contact ubisoft support in which I have by the website which takes forever and by phone where the nice people couldn't help me either. This really sucks because during story mode you need to log into the server to access your fleet and I can not do this. Also nobody on xbox one has their AC Legacy updated so we can't get any of the loyalty rewards. Can somebody please help me with these issues?
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    I also just started having this problem this morning - I had been connecting fine in the past. My companion app connects just fine, but AC4 on Xbox One will not.
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    I cannot connect as we'll I've been trying for the past three days and I'm stuck in limited mode every time I try and connect
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    I've been having the same issue since 12/11. Please see my thread here:
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    I am on Xbox One and I cannot access the fleet or Uplay on the AC4 game. I can access Uplay app on xbox one and Uplay on PC no issue. My only issue is accessing the fleet or uplay on the main screen of AC4. I want to buy season pass but am afraid too if I cant access servers. My nat is open. My xbox one is in dmz host. This is the only game that gives me an issue
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    Same here (xbox 360). I can't access anything that has to do with the ubisoft servers, including fleet and additional content menu, since I bought the game a few weeks ago.

    I've tried contacting support, but haven't got a response. I've seen no solution to the problem.
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