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    How to improve my NAT

    Just bought AC 4.

    Sorry guys, i searched all forums, all links are either dead or missing.

    I got 4MBPS connection. PC player. Please let me know how to improve my NAT.


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    Quote Originally Posted by desmond2192 View Post

    I got 4MBPS connection. PC player. Please let me know how to improve my NAT.

    You, sir. Need better internets.

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    4MBPS is not better internet?

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    Yeah, hate to say it but 4MPS is pretty bad. I get over 10x that using a wired connection

    Are you using a wireless connection? If so you might want to invest in an Ethernet cable. If you already have one then sorry, time for a new ISP :P
    I would also like to point out that with my connection i only get an Orange NAT on AC Multiplayer. It is just as much Ubisoft's fault as it is yours trust me.

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    Hi, do you have the correct ports open?

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    I had a Moderate NAT on my XBOX ONE and I finally fixed it by disabling a firewall setting within my router. You may want to investigate that.

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    I'm ecstatic right now since I've figured out how to fix NAT issues in not just AC,but all games. First obviously make sure you have UPnP enabled, or your ports forwarded (I use both,hasnt caused problems) Inbound and outbound firewall rules are set for both multiplayer and singleplayer. now those alone didn't fix my problem. I even tried disabling my router firewall. The fix I found was:

    - go to and download TCP Optimizer

    -Once that's downloaded,run as administrator and set the connection speed to the spped your ISP has provided for you, check modify all network adapters, check the "Optimal" setting, click apply changes, reboot.

    -Go to and check out your ping. Before I did the above steps I was at a 64/mbs network speed which isnt bad at all, but applying the changes reduced my ping by 40/mbs. I'm at 23/mbs after the changes.

    -Go to AC multiplayer and check your NAT Status.

    -Note that for the above to work, it is recommended that you already have good bandwidth.

    -This fix is for PC

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    Rtluv that doesn't do anything whatsoever to effect NAT

    whatever fixed your problem was something else

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    enable UPNP in your router's settings
    forward port 3074 UDP in your router's settings (this is the only port game actually uses for P2P, the only one it forwards with UPNP and the only one used to test your NAT in game).

    If this does not help try disabling firewall. If even this isnt enough its time to change your ISP
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    I wish that were the truth but I've already confirmed that I have port 3074 open in a port checking program. Perhaps having that port open can get you to moderate from strict but for me, it will not be open.

    I have tested each of the ports listed here:

    Those ports are all open, despite that I've still yet to ever see an Open NAT in Black Flag.

    I can even start up Assassin's creed 3 MP and have an open NAT in that, which only serves to add to my frustration.
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