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    I have been playing ac4 since the launch of the PS4 and havent seen one social event. Until this last Saturday 12/7 i ended up finding a social chest and then about 30 min later i found a white whale. So i figured that they got the social events working again. Spent the rest of the weekend searching for a royal convoy to finish the sharing with caring trophy but couldn't find one. Just wondering if anyone else had an luck this weekend with social events?
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    Just wanted to confirm the issue is happening to me as weel. Haven't seen anything since first week.
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    I've had 2 chests (1 in a really random location that I had to climb to and it was kind of hidden, the other RIGHT THERE AS I GOT OFF MY SHIP)
    I've had 3 whales (1 kinda just there, 1 I ran into while on a mission, and 1 I had to actively search out for)


    I have a few NORMAL convoy's on my map, but I never bothered with them because I never needed the money, hell when I fast traveled to one (it was right by a diving bell/smuglars den) there was nothing there, then after a few seconds POP appeared out of thin air, sounds like what I've been hearing about royal navies not being on the map where it says they should be.

    I don't think I've even run into a normal convoy outside of having them marked by a bartender.
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    I never found a single social event
    Played 62 hours
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    I'm also having this issue. I've been playing for 135 hours (PC version) since release date. Originally I came across 2 White Whales and 1 Social Chest in the first week of play, but after that nothing at all. I've never seen a Royal Convoy either. I'm at 100% sync with 97/100 Abstergo Challenges completed (2/3 White Whales, 1/3 Social Chests, and 0/3 Royal Convoys for the last 3). This is preventing me from getting my skeleton crew! Please either fix the issue or remove those three challenges from the requirement to get the skeleton crew!
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    I just spoke with support and they told me that the issue with social events is been worked on .
    When the fix for that will come , they did not told me .
    So ,for the moment I put the game away , don't want to clear the map and later search empty spaces for social chest .
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    Add me to the list of people with this problem as well. PS4 version, 50 hours sank in with just 1 White Whale ever seen. This is game breaking and the reason us customers despise online content in single player mode. What's worse is that a DLC was just released which means the developers are working on new content instead of fixing existing code. We should all boycott the DLC until the problems are fixed.
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    Guess I'll throw my hat in this ring. Received social events once going on two weeks ago and nothing since. Contacted support and the reply stated they could only help me with technical issues - is a broken feature not a technical issue? They also gave hints on how to find these events by stating you had to be "near" them to get them to trigger. My question is "how near is near?" I have had white whales practically fall on the deck of my ship without triggering an "event." The reply also stated that it is more difficult to run across these events playing on the single player servers. I paid 60 bucks for this game like everyone else and feel I should have the opportunity to complete it. I have done a grid search throughout the entire Caribbean finding nothing. This tells me the feature is sporadic at best and I am beginning to feel I am wasting my time.
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    on release day I found a few chests, but due to having uplay cloud sync on I lost my save, after turning cloud sync off in uplay and starting a new game, I've only had 1 white whale and 1 royal convoy (both within a few hrs of each other) and that's it

    Im now at 100% on everthing except

    0/3 chests
    1/3 whales
    1/3 royal convoys
    0/1 unlock all fleet locations (which I'm not far off this one)

    UBISOFT fix the online events FFS, other than this its an awesome game
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    Stuff like this should never be included in 100% in the first place. Its single player, any online features must be optional.
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