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    Quote Originally Posted by deadhero04 View Post
    SOLVED IT! first uninstall the game completely .... reinstall again in the default folder(ex. c/program files) and u probaby got an error saying pbsvc error and that might be the cause of the problem . so let it install and download punk buster and install manually from and restart uplay u can then play multiplayer
    Nope. I re-installed it and problem still stands.

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    me tooo it still crashes, i get blackscreen for both singleplayer and multiplayer
    ubisoft please fix this problem in the next patch

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    I am only getting black screen on SP

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    At last, I found what was the reason for the error when starting multiplayer. It turned out that everything was on the text size settings in Windows. When faced 125% multiplayer did not run. When I put 100% by default, multiplayer has started as a good morning! ))

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    Multiplayer won't even launch, I get crash to desktop immediately after clicking "play multiplayer" in the uplay menu.

    EDIT: Validating the game files from uplay fixed the problem.
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    Black screen for me as well, reinstalled and downloaded patch again with no luck

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    Hey guys, I just want to play MP... I tried every advices what you said, but I still have the same problem I hope that ubi will make some patch for this problem... The game costs some money and it doesn't working

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    Same here, I don't understand what's the problem. Single player usually works fine but Mp...always black screen =(
    I don't think is a pc problem 'cause I got the minimum requirments...but another person who got black screen has the same graphic card as me :S

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    I used to play this game's multiplayer mode since bh but now i cant able to play it.

    It came out 2 weeks ago but i havent play a single multi game.

    Should I say thanks?

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    From my Skyrim mod experience, I would never dare to change anything in .ini files.

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