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    Captain Kenway's Legacy Pack DLC & Abstergo+

    I have support ticket about this but don't seem to be having much luck with that (very slow response time) so I thought I'd ask out here in the forum to see if anyone may know.

    I have the Captain Kenway's Legacy Pack and on this page ( ) it is described as coming with 7 days of Abstergo+.

    I know I've not had this in effect at all, so I'm wondering if either:
    A) I should have got it but haven't for some reason. Has anyone else who had this DLC pack received the Abstergo+?
    B) It was a boosted XP gain for the first week of release for everyone
    C) This webpage has made a mistake listing it.

    I can't seem to get a response to know for sure from support, so I'm wondering if anyone here on the forum might know about it.
    It's not really that important, I'd just like to know at this point
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    Did they ever reply to you? Just started playing after downloading the pack and there's no sign of the 7 days of Abstergo+. I know this thread is more than a month old, but couldn't find another one on the issue. Just wanted to know if it's worth making a support ticket.
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    I also have that DLC, and I think I haven't had the 7 days of Abstergo+ either.
    Maybe someone will answer this question someday
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    no free 7 days either but " 00000ebfgCAA#legacy" clearly lists it as part of this pack.
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