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    All ship route locations on Kenway's Fleet (AC4) (Help)

    all 47 routes

    routes i have now:
    gulf of mexico -> new oleans, pensacola, veracruz
    southern british colonies -> st. augustine, jamestown, charles-towne
    eastern british colonies -> boston, new york, philadelpia
    east canada -> st. johns, annapolis royal, quebec
    north-west europe -> bristol, london, galway
    gulf of biskay -> saint-malo, brest, la rochelle
    portugal -> porto, lissabon
    midterrainian sea -> gibraltar, barcelona, marseille
    north africa -> canarian islands, casablanca, agadir
    cape verde -> dakar, zuguinchor, bissau
    south africa -> luanda, benguela, cape town
    southern atlantic ocean -> rio de janeiro, montevideo, el salvador.

    the one left was Marseille. after finishing the trading route, the abstergo challenge popped
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    Following are the ships you can add to your fleet by capturing them. You will need them in your fleet if you intend to complete all the trading missions in the game.


    Level 4 – Found in North Caribbean

    Speed: 63
    Fire Power: 12
    HP: 27
    Max Repair Cost: 27
    Cargo Capacity: 15

    Level 8 – Found in North Caribbean

    Speed: 66
    Fire Power: 14
    HP: 29
    Max Repair Cost: 29
    Cargo Capacity: 15

    Level 11 – Found in South Caribbean

    Speed: 70
    Fire Power: 15
    HP: 39
    Max Repair Cost: 30
    Cargo Capacity: 20


    Level 17 – Found in North Caribbean

    Speed: 54
    Fire Power: 23
    HP: 45
    Max Repair Cost: 45
    Cargo Capacity: 25

    Level 20 – Navassa and Conttoyor Zones

    Speed: 50
    Fire Power: 24
    HP: 48
    Max Repair Cost: 48
    Cargo Capacity: 30

    Level 25 – Chinchorro and Charlotte Zones

    Speed: 60
    Fire Power: 25
    HP: 50
    Max Repair Cost: 50
    Cargo Capacity: 35


    Level 23 – Punta Guarico, Castillo De Jagua and Serranilla Zones

    Speed: 45
    Fire Power: 32
    HP: 63
    Max Repair Cost: 63
    Cargo Capacity: 40

    Level 29 – Navassa and Charlotte Zones

    Speed: 45
    Fire Power: 33
    HP: 67
    Max Repair Cost: 67
    Cargo Capacity: 50

    Level 38 – Chinchorro Zones

    Speed: 50
    Fire Power: 35
    HP: 70
    Max Repair Cost: 70
    Cargo Capacity: 60

    Man O’ War

    Level 36 – Charlotte Zones

    Speed: 9
    Fire Power: 63
    HP: 135
    Max Repair Cost: 135
    Cargo Capacity: 70

    Level 49 – Serranilla Zones

    Speed: 20
    Fire Power: 67
    HP: 143
    Max Repair Cost: 143
    Cargo Capacity: 80

    Level 60 – New Bone

    Speed: 30
    Fire Power: 70
    HP: 150
    Max Repair Cost: 150
    Cargo Capacity: 90

    Level 60 – At Maximum Wanted Level

    Speed: 30
    Fire Power: 70
    HP: 150
    Max Repair Cost: 150
    Cargo Capacity: 90

    Trading Missions

    Trading Missions offer a way to earn decent amount of Reales. However, there are certain characteristics of each Trading Mission, namely; Rewards, Cargo and Cargo Space, Cooldown Time, and Travel Time.

    Southern British Colonies

    First Business
    The Sail Mates
    American Dreams
    New Horizon

    Gulf of Mexico

    The General Store
    Diplomacy I
    A Good Deed
    Diplomacy II
    Fortune’s Flavor

    South Atlantic

    A Feast of Riches
    Outlaws III
    Diplomacy III
    Brethren of the Coast I
    To The South
    Good Works
    The Big Smoke

    Eastern British Colonies

    Taste of Money
    The Empty Cellar
    Secret Medicine
    New Partners
    Save the Children
    Emerging Opportunities

    North Africa

    A Popular Stop
    Feeding the Fathers
    The Sweet Tooth
    The Cook’s Order
    The Famous Stew
    The Musicians
    Before the Storm


    New Trading Posts
    The Old Man’s Order
    Cursed Night
    Do No Harm

    East Canada

    Promises to Keep
    The Lost Expedition I
    The Lost Expedition II
    Old Partners
    Break of Dawn II
    The Lost of Expedition III

    Cape Verde

    An Old Frenchman
    Meet the Tributes I
    Giant Appetites
    Meet the Tributes II

    South Africa

    A Promise of Profit
    The Eager Hunters
    Door to Europe
    Table Bay’s Luck
    New Economic Hub
    Bay of Biscay
    Alliance I
    Hungry Corsairs
    The Corsair’s Request
    Alliance II
    Sweet Broth
    A Sweet Journey
    Successful Atlantic

    North West Europe

    Homeward Bound
    A Worthy Trip
    Welcoming the Irish
    A New Cathedral
    The Poet
    The Great Plague
    A Piece of the Action
    A Long Voyage

    Mediterranean Sea

    Great Reputation I
    Being Mad
    Great Reputation II
    The Catalans
    The Smokers
    Great Reputation III
    A New Medicine
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    very usefull clearwater.
    it seems i have to grab me some level 60 man-o-wars. didnt know they existed
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    See my discussion about how to take out a man-of-war. I didn't realize that there were different levels, but I now realize that I have four level 60s thanks to those tactics. They are required for some of those trading missions. However, you should keep a few lower level ships in your fleet because they can help beat those pesky gunships in the battles for control of the routes.
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    been trying to find more lvl 60s, Any idea the spawn timer on the lvl 60 at New Bone?
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    Originally Posted by ZuesandSonoma Go to original post
    been trying to find more lvl 60s, Any idea the spawn timer on the lvl 60 at New Bone?
    They seem to come pretty quickly, I think, when they're guarding secret areas. I defeated a lvl 60, then went a ways off to draw out and destroy the big frigates escorting it, then maybe a half-hour later went back to board it and there was a new one in its place!
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    Ummm...where or what is New Bone?
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    Pirate hunters are the answer

    Originally Posted by ZuesandSonoma Go to original post
    been trying to find more lvl 60s, Any idea the spawn timer on the lvl 60 at New Bone?

    Sink ships until you get a level 4 wanted status and the level 4 pirate hunter groups include lvl 60 man-o-war ships.
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    There does not seem to be much advantage in using Level 60 Men o' War over Level 49 MoW in the Kenway's Fleet game.

    They have greater cargo capacity (90 compared to 80) but there is no mission that calls for more than 80 total cargo. Travel time is no shorter when using the Level 60 ships even though they supposedly have greater speed (30 compared to 20).

    The Level 60's are probably better at winning battles to make routes safe before embarking, but a Level 49 ship is usually more than enough to make the odds 100%, so I can't see much point in struggling to get Level 60's into the Fleet.
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    Legendary ships

    The only think that annoys me is that we cant capture those legendary ships and that there are only 15 slots for kenway fleet just make the diamond value increase every time
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