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    Settlers 6 / VI: Rise of an Empire - Graphic adapter does not meet the minimum req.

    Welcome UBISOFT employees , all employees of BlueByte studios and all fans of The Settlers game series.

    I am writing on behalf of myself and all those who face the problem of launching the game The Settlers 6 : Rise of an Empire (retail and Steam Gold Version) on newer GPUs and mobile GPUs , which meet all requirements to run the game.

    The problem has been moved more than once in this forum and on other forums. It manifests itself as follows: when you start the game pops up with the message: "Graphic adapter does not meet the minimum requirements. At least 70 MB of available video memory required , only 30MB detected" .

    It's funny , because the demo version of the game indicates that :
    "Graphic adapter does not meet the minimum requirements. At least 70 MB of available video memory required , only 1882 MB detected . "

    I have a laptop with the following hardware specifications :
    Samsung R522
    Intel Core 2 Duo T6400
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650
    3GB RAM

    As you can see , this is a very powerful specifications to run the game smoothly but ... Unfortunately , I can't.
    I know that the official release notes sounded that mobile GPUs can work but are not supported . Since then, the world has gone a little bit forward and the problem of mobile GPUs probably is not really as difficult to remove , if all the other games do not have this problem? Even the Settlers 7 game runs very well which makes the above error (and probably for many others) is to me completely understandable.

    There is many topics about this issue here, there is few also on steam forum: and many on other forums on the internet.

    What is interesting, nVidia users found a fix to this doing this:
    or this:

    Please, listen voices of gamers what never played Settlers 6 yet. Ubisoft, Developers, please, do something, make a solution or a little patch for this game. It still on sale (steam, ubishop) so why can't it work properly (especially for ati card users like me)


    P.S. Sorry for my bad English but i hope I'm understandable
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    I really hope there will be a solution soon here, I bought The Settlers Rise of an Empire yesterday on Steam with the gold version, and I got the same exact problem as you.

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    I to got this problem, i have tried everything I can find on different forums.
    I will addmit that som of the solutions out there are written in a high level of Technical knolage and not easy for a player like me, who have a very small knolage in operating systems.

    If anyone know of an solution that works, and who can direct me in a rather noobish way through I would be very happy. I got a Acer laptop with windows 8.1

    Ubisoft, I feel like i have spend money on nothing, and my trust in online game purehasces is not looking good at the moment.

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    Post Acer Aspire E1-530 with Intel HD Graphics 4000: same problem

    I'm having the exact same issue on an Acer Aspire E1-530 laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4000 integrated graphics chip. Since Acer won't allow increasing the amount of (minimal) video memory through the BIOS, I'm stuck.

    I hope UBI can patch this ridiculous start up requirement in The Settlers.

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    Patch available

    It's been a while... Of course without a word from Ubi... Fortunately, the guys from stepped in after one forum post and created a patch for Settlers 6, Rise of an Empire!

    You'd have to invest $ 19.99 to buy the game, but it's patched.

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