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    AC4 Naval Contract NPC Disappeared

    Ok, so... I don't know if anyone else has had this issue but after I completed the naval contract 'Papers, Please', when I returned to the Charlotte fort, the NPC was gone. I searched forever trying to get him to spawn properly to no avail. Now I have moved on to other areas in the game to find that ALL the naval contract npcs are missing. I'm seriously upset by this because the inability to complete the naval contracts makes it so that I am unable to obtain many of the acheivements and challenges that are connected with completing this series of quests, such as the obtaining of the golden pistols.

    If anyone knows a way to fix this glitch, I would give anything to know it at this point. Otherwise, an update to fix this issue better be imminent, because this is a pretty gamebreaking glitch for me as I tend to be a completionist.

    I appreciate any and all responses and thank everyone that takes their time to even read this post.

    P.S. Yes, I have restarted my system, and any other basic system reset that I could concoct. I even started a new game and worked until I got to the point where I could capture a fort, and the NPCs are missing even in this new game as well.

    I appologize to everyone that has read this post... I just looked at the forum location and realized I posted under the multiayer section by accident. Please disregard this post, but if u have any information I will be reposting on the singleplayer forum and I would greatly appreciate your info.
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    This happened to me as well. Twice. Thefirst time i was already through the story mode and at 83 % total completion. Needless to say im very upset. You guys need to fix this. This is a game killing problem. The only reason i bought this game was to pirate. Now i cant. Please help us all out. This game has made me consider buying the other games. I have never been an ac fan before. This game changed my mind. Please jump on this
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    I for one would like to apologize. Im an arse. You have to get all sync points before finishing the naval contracts
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    Got this problem too, glad to see I'm not the only one. Even if it's such an annoying bug. I had the NPC for eye for an eye dissapear and Castillo de jigua remains incomplete. As well as the NPC in Saranilla dissapearing the only time the NPCs seem to remain available are the first few minutes in which you remain in the fort to recieve the mission. After you leave they seem to stop appearing like you completed the contacts.
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    I found it at a different location, under a different name. Seems to have glitched around 97% completion. Just search over all of the other forts you have captured and you will eventually find a NC icon appear. Hope this helps!
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    seeing as your on ps3 id suggest going to the game data folder in the game section and deleting the ac4 data and the ac4 update and reinstalling make sure you dont accidentally go in the game save folder and delete you save the actual name of the folder is game data utility
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    so game data utility not game save data ok
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    mine disappeared so im trying it out myself ill tell you if it actually works
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    nope doesnt work....but i know the cause of my dissapearance....its because i did the assassin contracts 1st and one of them had me kill a traitor in one of my forts
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    sorry bout all the posts i came here cuz my disappeared but turns out the serenilla contract requires you to complete the other contracts beforehand
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