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    Abstergo Challenges - Kill enemies with every type of weapon (9 total)

    this Abstergo Challenges is glitched to **** for me and apparently some other poor folks, sometimes it dosn't register weapon kills and negates registering them ever. I'm stuck at 8/9 in it, that's the ONLY ******* thing I need to do left in this game to have it 100%ed completely save for the fleet stuff, spent yesterday and well into this morning obtaining every weapon and killing in every possible way, I've killed with every weapon in normal attacks, counter kills, shooting (when applicable), high and low (when possible) profile assassinations, assassinations from above and below.

    I've used: hidden blades, duel swords, unarmed, throwing daggers (obtained from agils), pistols, rope dart (stranglation), rope dart (hanging), rope dart (pulling into an assassination from stalking point), blow pipe (beserk darts to kill enemies, let enemy affected by it drop dead, and letting affected enemy get killed), blow pipe (sleeping dart, causing enemies to fall off places), single swords (obtained from normal enemies and captains), axes (obtained from brutes), powder kegs, muntion crates (things you have to use 'ingition' on), rifles (found in racks, obtained from musketteers), swivel guns, and thrown enemies from high places.

    I promise there is no other usable weapon in the game excluding weapons on the boat that are used to destroy other boats, but as I've 100%ed the story line and side story line and all the extra missions, I've obviously killed with all the boat weapons as there are missions in the game that require you to kill with each of the boat's weapons.

    Hopefully there will be a fix for this as I'd hate to have yet another AC game that's broke for me, AC3 had a game breaking bug that prevented me from 100%ing it that wasn't patched and was largely ignored by the devs (assassin's not registering as max rank even though they were), Luckily this won't prevent any achievements from being unearned but not having it listed as 100% done would be annoying and it also prevents unlocking of some of the MP things, which I would very much like to have unlocked.

    Supposedly the only weapons you're supposed to be required to use are as follows: Duel Sword Set, Single Sword, Thrown Knife, Axe, Pistols, Rope Darts, Blowpipe (Berserk Dart), Hidden Blades, Rifle.

    Country+Format: US - xbox360
    Gamertag: darkmikasonfire
    Frequency: Not sure what a frequency would be for something like this.
    Occurrence: No idea when it decided to not register said weapon.
    Describe the issue: I think I explained it well in the above.
    More details: again I think I explained well off in the above.
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    Mr_Shade's Avatar Senior Community Manager
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    Hi, can you please post the following?

    • Country + Format (ex: Russia - PS3 - disc or digital download )
    • Username and/or Gamertag
    • Frequency:(How often is it mentioned. How often does it happen to you?)
    • Occurrence: Since when does it happen? (This helps identify if it is a Patch or DLC that is the source of the Bug.)
    • Describe what the issue you've encountered is: (ex: Was it activating the game? Issue with a specific part of the game? Mission, achievement, etc.)
    • Help us with more details: What did you do before this error occurred? A written description is best and include a screen grab if possible. (ex: "When I launch from the desktop it crashes." "I received this error message: Error xx6546")

    Also please do send the same information to support
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    Sadly I can't ask the support, every time I try to use it it tells me there's an error and to try again later.
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    I have the same situation as darkmikasonfire. I have done every Abstergo Challenge, save the fleet stuff, and I have the same exact challenge not finishing. My kill an enemy with every type of weapon is stuck at 8/9. As for the information that was asked for my Mr_Shade this is for me.
    USA - Xbox 360
    It always stuck at 8/9.
    The Abstergo Challenge, kill an enemy with every type of weapon, not finishing.
    There is no error message. As for what I was doing, I was just playing the game.
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    Same for me as well, im done every other little thing but this, Everything

    i even tried so many times in different ways unarmed, hidden blades, single swords, double swords, pistols, blowpipe (bezerker killed by allies, bezerker killed by me, bezerker kill when time ran out, sleep dart knock out, sleep dart assassinate (unarmed,hidden blade,sword)) , axe normal attack, axe special attack, throwing knife used against guard i took it from, throwing knife used on different guard, Musket bayonett, Musket shot, Rope dart hang, rope dart pull, hidden blades in smoke, sword in smoke, dual swords in smoke, pistols in smoke, unarmed in smoke, rope dart in smoke, blowdart in smoke, throwing knife in smoke and more ways ive forgotten cause ive killed so many ppl in so many ways lol

    and for me its
    USA - Xbox 360 - Disc
    Frequency:Always Happened, Never counted higher then 8
    Occurrence: Since i began playing
    Describe what the issue you've encountered is: Killed an enemy with every weapon i can find in everyway i can and still the challenge says 8/9 weapons
    Help us with more details: Just playing, no errors
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    Same problem everyone else is having - I've killed guards in every conceivable way and cannot seem to get the last one. I'm pretty sure it's the rope dart kill that isn't registering for me (and probably everyone else as well). I say this because I was pretty aware of the challenges and keeping an eye on them throughout the game. I was at 7/9 just before I got the rope darts from the assassins, and after doing the main mission constraints that require you to use the rope darts to kill enemies in different ways, the counter did not go up. I assumed that the rope dart was simply not included in the 9 weapons so I went along and killed someone with an axe which brought me to 8/9. After killing enemies in every way imaginable, I finally came to the forums to see if anyone else had a problem, and sure enough here's the thread. After seeing the confirmed weapon list darkmikasonfire posted I realized that the rope darts must be glitched if they are part of that list. By the way, darkmikasonfire, where did you find that list?

    USA - XBOX 360 - Disc
    Frequency: Continuous
    Occurrence: Has always existed
    Issue: Killing enemies does not with the rope dart does not register in the challenge "kill an enemy with every type of weapon". Stuck at 8/9.
    No error Messages.
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    Same for me. Also stuck on 5/6 sea animals.

    USA - PS3 - Digital Download
    Frequency: Continuous
    Occurrence: Has always existed
    Issue: Killing enemies register in the challenge "kill an enemy with every type of weapon". Stuck at 8/9 weapons, also stuck on 5/6 sea animals.
    No error Messages.
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    USA - Xbox 360 - Disc
    Gamertag: WARaul Thana
    Frequency: Countinous
    Occurrence: Since the beginning
    The Abstergo challenge for killing an enemy with every type of weapon, my counter is stuck at 8/9. Also I have not had any Royal Convoys (the blue ones) spawn, all the other community chests and white whales work fine though.
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    same here 8/9

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    Me as well USA GT: JohnnyT6623 GameStop edition AC4 disc. Assuming its been happening since the beginning but still at 8/9. Please fix this. You don't understand how taunting that 99% completion is..
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