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    Sequence 8 Memory 2 (Mission Name: Vainglorious Bastards)

    I am going for the 100% sync of all story missions and I am unable to get the 100% sync on this mission, the game is not registering one of the optional objectives. The objective that I believe to be glitched is "Damage the Royal African Pearl with an upgraded ram." I have a fully upgraded Jackdaw so I know that I have the best ram available, I have also destroyed all of the legendary ships to unlock the ability to do a "super ram".
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    I have the same problem as you. Also have all upgrades and beat all the legendary ships. Tried it a dozen times but I've been unable to get the objective done.
    Did you find anything useful since you discovered the glitch?
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    Exactly the same problem so annoying.This is the last mission i need to do to get 100% sync
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    I have continued with a 78% save (was 99% dammit) and was able to do it 100% now. My ship now wasn't fully upgraded yet and I didn't get the ram boost for defeatin all legendary ships yet. @ Allum, did you defeat all legendary ships? I think that might be what's causing it.
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    @ Nick. Yh i have and i have a fully upgraded Jackdaw
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    Not sure if it will be off help.

    But i was able to do these constraints with a fully upgraded Jackdaw, before defeating all the legendaries and attaining the ram boost.
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    I'm having the same problem with a fully upgraded ship and all legendary ships defeated.
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    I as well am having this issue, and after trying multiple times, have had no more success than I did the first time. I tried to bring it up on the report page, but it will not allow me to send in any of my questions. I don"t have another save to load, and I certainly don't want to restart my progress from the beginning. Hopefully there will be an update for this soon, or I may be forced to completely restart,
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    Having the same problem. Stuck at 99%. I can't submit a bug report, and I can't submit a thread in the bug forums due to a weird glitch, so I figured I'd just bump this thread. Was kind of hoping for it to be fixed in today's Xbox One patch.
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    Figured i'd bump this topic
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