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    currently in mourning...Rocksmith on PS4?

    with a graceful sense of perfect timing my PS3 which I brought on the UK PS3 launch day and which hasn't missed a beat in 6.5 years keeled over on Saturday morning and passed away with the YLOD :-(

    Personally I think it had heard about the imminent arrival of the PS4 and collapsed in a fit of depression. I'm getting it seen to for £50 but I've been told if this has happened once it's likely to happen again which led me to thinking . . . with the PS4 not being backwards compatible, will Rocksmith be being released on PS4 or will we have to wait for the next version, Rocksmith 2015 I guess?


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    It's not unfixable but will need a secondary cooling system (the clip on ones are great.

    just needs reflowed (as per the gilksy directions) it does work and provided you get some extra cooling fans there's no reason it wont run great for a long while to come, mine ran 2 years until I upgraded mine to a slim model (which I later upgraded to 750gb with a better fan to make sure it never happened again).
    Give it a go if you have the tools or there are many places that do it. It's not dead just a bit sick

    Edit: just noticed you said you getting it seen to, bit expensive! I used to only charge a tenner plus postage
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    I feel your pain, friend. I am still going through the loss of my launch 60g ps3 (Feb. 01 2007 - Oct 04 2013).
    She also fell victim to the YLOD after 6.5 years or so. Tried to get it repaired but they said the GPU was dead =(
    So now 'Old Faithful' is a trophy on my gaming shelf (replaced by a newer slim model)

    I have to imagine the frequent freezing of the original RS contributed to killing my system, but considering the amount of enjoyment and improvement RS has been responsible for... well, the pros outweigh the cons in this situation.

    RS2014 is outstanding by the way, very impressed - thanks RS team/UBI for making this happen.

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    Edit: Rocksmith 2014 was NOT shown on the PS4 announcement event last February. Got it wrong, I might have dreamed it.
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    I've been there, too. Had to do the gilksy fix for my old ps3 several times over the course of a year an a half before finally breaking down and getting a slim. They're a pain, but seems to be repairable most of the time. Hopefully you'll be back and playing in no time.

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    The original RS toasted my old (very old) xbox. The poor little guy just couldn't keep up. RS will put a console through its paces, that is for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMatter21 View Post
    my understanding is the rs14 will not work on the new ps4 coming out....I think that was posted on rs facebook back in summer
    No PS3-native game will run on PS4, although apparently some PS3 games will be ported over to PS4 and available via digital download (dunno if ownership of the existing PS3 game gets you a free or discounted download). Unfortunately, last I remember there are no plans by Ubi to port RS2014 over to PS4.

    Which is why when my phat PS3 went YLOD I bit the bullet and bought a new super-slim, which should give me many more years of RS2014 fun. Still considering getting the reflow job done on my old PS3, which just sits there at the moment.

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    my PS3 is back and running fine again...seriously considering the extra fans though

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    Quote Originally Posted by jodrell View Post
    my PS3 is back and running fine again...seriously considering the extra fans though
    dont waste time considering just get them, if you dont it will ylod again, I've fixed enough consoles to know it will happen. couple of quid spent onm fans will make the ps3 run a lot longer mate.

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    Thanks Shindo! I have had a 60GB fat since 2009 and I just ordered an external fan for it. I should have done this when I bought it. Hopefully I get more life out of it.

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