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    Buying rocksmith dlc for rocksmith 2014.

    Still cannot buy rocksmith dlc for rocksmith 2014.
    I don't want to buy rocksmith just to buy the dlc for rocksmith 2014.
    Looks like valve sure taken there time to fix this,ubi maybe give them an extra boot up there backsides as you're loseing money here.
    me and a few mates are waiting to buy these dlc prob same for many other ppl.

    Xmas around the corner.So if it's not fixed soon money could go else where or not able to buy many dlc.
    this needs fixing asap if you want max income from these dlc tbh.

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    We are still looking into this. Please keep checking back. I'm doing my best to keep this updated.

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    •Rocksmith 1 DLC Unavailable to purchase when not owning/playing RS1 previously (Steam)
    •​We are looking into this issue and we appreciate your patience. Steam normally has a policy to restrict DLC purchases to those who own a particular game to prevent people from accidentally buying DLC they can't use. So for the original Rocksmith DLC you needed to own the game to buy the DLC. Many games do not support the kind of forward compatibility that we have with Rocksmith 2014 and as a result Steam is not equipped to handle associating multiple games with DLC which is why we're currently running into this problem. Rest assured, we do not intend to impose a RS1 ownership requirement for RS1 DLC and we're working as quickly as we can with Steam to remove this requirement.
    I'm in this same boat. Can we get an update?

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    Unhappy Rocksmith 2014 DLC

    Quote Originally Posted by snoxxn View Post
    i'm in this same boat. Can we get an update?
    still haveing the same issues with dlc and steam and months have past, it is now may???????????????????????????????????????????? How long does it take get this issue fixed???????????????????????? Or is it the fact we heve bought the software so uplay and steam do not care becausewe have already spent our money on the game!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not very happy with uplay and steam over this, the same as a lot of other people.
    I have stopped freinds buying this because of these issues untill they get fixed, if ever

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    This really is the wrong forum for this. You'd have better luck asking in the RS Support forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.Linton View Post
    This really is the wrong forum for this. You'd have better luck asking in the RS Support forum.
    Why would you say that? I'm also on the same boat. I own RS 2014 and I would like to buy a DLC that was licensed for the original game. It says on the page that it's compatible with RS2014, and it even shows on the in-game store.

    The only real issue is that the Steam Store only allows me to buy if I also own the original RS, which is bollocks.

    This is strictly an issue with the Steam Store and has nothing to do with RS, RS 2014 or Ubisoft for that matter.

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