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    Hidden Mystery and Sacrifice Island

    Does anyone else have the problem that the icons for these locations won't show on their map ?
    I don't have the icons and when i go to the location, i get this message: area not available.
    The code work since i got the edward kenway legacy items that are included with the skull edition.

    Also checked the faqs at the forum but nothing about if you need to be at a certain sequence or something to unlock the location.

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    I am having the exact same problem. I activated my key, was told by microsoft tech that it is activated on my gamertag (yes I went that far), yet I do not get the icon showing up on my map for sacrifice island, and that area is not avail for me as well.

    Have you come up with a solution yet? I can't find any info on forums, or any of the tutorials for sacrifice island. If I need to get to a certain sequence before seeing the icon on the map can someone please let me know which sequence it is.


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    same problem here, trying to find the solution :L

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    When i got the dlc at first Sacrifice Island showed on the map in the west as SI, but didnt bother at the time to go there, because i was in the middle of something.
    Then it was gone until i finished the story it reappeared.
    Tried jumping back a couple of sequences, but it was still missing. Oh well, finishing the game did help for me.

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