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    Exclamation [BUG REPORT] 'Juan Garcia' Assassination Contract icon bug

    Hi guys - basically, I activated the assassination contract as normal then tailed the ship to the location. Upon arrival I was overwhelmed by the amount of firepower against my Jackdaw and decided the best course of action was to flee - this, however, did not cancel the assassination contract and a skull icon on my map remained, with the side mission reminder continually popping up at the side. I then saved and turned my xbox off for a short break. When I returned, I was no longer getting the side mission reminder and the skull icon was not there - instead, a red 'target' icon on my map, tagged as Juan Garcia. I visited the location and there is nobody there and nobody close. This is really starting to annoy me now, throughout the game I now have a little red icon on one of the sides of my screen. I hope you can offer a quick fix as I am considering returning the game at this point. I have contacted Customer Support.
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    Hi LordWolv,

    The bug has already been reported and passed on to the team - but thank you for your report too!

    Please check the following thread for updates from the team, when they become available!!

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