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    AC4 can't upgrade the Jackdaw.

    The merchants say they only deal with Capt's and I can't access the Capt's cabin on the ship.
    What step did I miss?

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    Same thing happened to me with the first Harbor Master I came across after getting the Jackdaw, But after the next mission or two all was ok, sorry, but cant remember for sure which mission it was, but it was very shortly after getting the Jackdaw.
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    You need to be a bit farther along in the story to unlock the harbourmasters. You won't be able to interact with them immediately after getting the Jackdaw, and will have to complete the next few main story missions (which are all tutorials on how to hunt, recruit crew, plunder other ships and upgrading yours) before you can customise the ship and access the other features.

    More precisely:
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    You need to play until Benjamin Hornigold comes aboard and gives you the plundering tutorials, at the end of which you'll get an objective to sail to a fishing village and purchase a hull upgrade at the local harbourmaster. Once that mission is complete, you'll be able to interact with harbourmasters and enter the captain's cabin.
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    If you would check the forums you'd see a thread that I posted a day ago with the exact same Subject.

    The deal is we need to play through mid-Sequence 3 and we will be given the ability to upgrade.
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