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Thread: *BUG REPORT* AC4 Black Flag PS3 - Assassination Contracts BROKEN, game-long glitch! | Forums

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    Exclamation *BUG REPORT* AC4 Black Flag PS3 - Assassination Contracts game-long marker glitch!

    Edit: new video courtesy of Techsila

    my vid:

    Welp, I'm playing AC4 BF for the PS3 and I already have a really annoying BUG / GLITCH to report.

    Early in the game I took an assassination contract for Juan Garcia in Matanzas, however as you can see, he is no where to be found. (I think I killed him already if he was the guy with the key to the stock house) Despite this, the contract 'kill' marker remains present on the screen -- which is really annoying, for the WHOLE GAME no matter where you are in the world, you still see the damn marker -- and you can't do anything to start the contract or find this guy, or clear the marker!

    I'm also worried it might prevent me from 100%ing the game.

    Please help! Thanks guys! Great game btw!
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    I have quite de same bug,same with an assassination contract.I the left corner of the screen under side activities it tell`s me to kill my target but on the map is not marked with the red skull or this red bubble. I searched almost everywhere,it`s a big map and i got lost,i know is the contract from Salt Key Bank,because only two contracts i got left and i after i finish this bugged one i`ll get the last,and i want to finish them for 100% and those pistol blades.
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    Hi Guys, firstly - welcome to the forums Thanks for reporting this - I have PM'd you asking for a few more details, it will make the teams job a little easier if you get time to answer.

    Can I also ask you also contact support and report it there too?

    I will send in this now, however its useful for the team to know how many people are affected - so they like people to also contact support.
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    Thanks for the help Mr Shade. I replied to your PM.

    As I mentioned in my PM to Mr Shade:

    I noticed that since I went to Havana for the first time, the marker stopped staying on my screen -- it was on my screen for like 50% of the game -- but now it goes away, at least it did when I started other assassination contracts in Havana, but when I fast travel back to Matanzas the marker for Juan Garcia is still there and reappears on my screen. However unlike before, it no longer stays on the screen as long as long as I fast travel out. If I fast travel to Matanzas and then see the marker, and then sail away without fast travelling the marker stays on the screen the whole time, until I fast travel again. BUT, when I sail again on the open seas, the marker is there again always showing the red dot to the invisible guy in Matanzas, so it doesn't actually go away. :\
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    I got exactly the same problem on xbox 360.

    its really annoying!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maiyun View Post
    I got exactly the same problem on xbox 360.

    its really annoying!
    Yup me to on Xbox360 and I allready contacted support about it.
    It seems that the bug is only present at this particular assassination contract though, they'll fix it soon enough I think.
    Same bug on both consoles, I wonder if the pc version has this bug to.

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    I can confirm I have a second bug, the same issue that xXRazvanXx describes. I just went to Salt Key Bank for the first time.

    When pressing R2 (PS3) I can see there are 2 assassin contracts available, but there is no Assassins Contract marker on the map. I even found the pigeon coop but there is no way to activate it or get an assassins contract.

    (This is separate than the first bug described and shown in my first post.)
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    I also have a version of this bug. I accepted a contract from a birdcage, went to the location, killed the target. However nothing happened, no completion, no money, nowt. So i cleared the whole area of guards and stuff and still nowt. Now i have a huge area of restricted land for no reason on my map.

    Anyways, gave up on it and a little later got another contract. this time it was at a house. 2 guards either side, one on the roof and one patrol. eagle vision couldnt find the target and there was no marker on the map. so i killed all the guards without alerting anything. Had a good look round this house and couldnt find the target.

    Now i have 2 big red areas of nothing on my map.

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    This tells me that I should take like 2 days on sequences that have a lot of side missions/quests in them to avoid the risk of glitch and bugs. Have you tried quitting to the main menu and then going back in to your save?

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    I have the same general problem. I went after Garcia's ship, I chased him to Matanzas. I sunk his ship there but he didn't die. his name appeared on the docks and now it remains as a persistant red bubble. I can't complete the contract let alone get full sinc.

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