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    Quote Originally Posted by LvlNinety9 View Post
    Uh..... Where are the 4 finger power/barre chords in Blitzkrieg Bop? Or am I reading this wrong? Because when I play it, it's all 2 finger chords throughout the whole song.
    They're in the rhythm arrangement of the song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForkofBone View Post
    They're in the rhythm arrangement of the song.
    Ahhh...that explains it. I guess I haven't tried the lead then. I was like "why do people keep saying this is the easiest song?". I thought something must be wrong with me. lol

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    Blitzkrieg Bop and X-Kid are good beginner songs.

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    Easiest song of all

    Quote Originally Posted by CoryBloodsworth View Post
    I know the new rocksmith just came out but does anyone have an opinion on which songs are the easiest to learn for amateur guitar players?
    If you can import songs from RS1, just play Gobbledi**** from Sigur Rós, is not so popular but is the easiest of all. Only one string in all song.

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    For Bass

    Hey Ho - the lumineers
    Pour some sugar on me - Def Leppard
    The Sky is crying. (Forgot the artist.

    arguably that Stevie wonder song, although the slide in the beginning and the fret hand mutes can screw you over a bit.

    I find that Blitzkrieg pop and Black magic are a bit too fast for a beginner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rctlonstreet View Post
    The Sky is crying. (Forgot the artist.
    You've just committed blues sin!!!! Don't you ever forget Albert King again.

    Easy song??? Chompers by Fang Island rhythm path
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexwidescreen View Post
    Out of the very few songs I've spent some time with I would say the rhythm versions of R U Mine and Brand New Kind of Blue are pretty easy and fun.
    I didn't find either of those that easy. RU Mine Requires a lot of navigation up and down the neck and Brand New kind of blue has some pretty tricky single note picking.

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    I suppose "easiest" will vary a bit, depending on which techniques you are able to master.

    As for me, I never touched a guitar before picking up RS2014 in early January. These are the songs that I have made the most progress in:

    97.7% "Next Girl" - The Black Keys (Lead). A lot of repeating phrases. Whole song is played on 3 strings, at 3 frets.
    94.9% "Blitzkreig Bop" - The Ramones (Lead). 3 strings, 4 chords. Moves quick, though. Had to move away from this until my strumming/fretting improved.
    94.5% "Go With the Flow" - Queens of the Stone Age (Rhythm). 3 strings, 4 chords once again. Also very quick, but with very little variation.
    87.9% "Six AM Salvation" - Versus Them (Rhythm). Not all that easy, but I really enjoy the song, and have put a lot of work into it.
    82% "Angela" - Jarvis Cocker (Lead). A lot of repetition on single notes. I could probably get this one in the high 90s if I worked at it for an hour.
    81.7% "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - Rollong Stones (Lead). This one just seemed to click for me.
    81.7% "A More Perfect Union" - Titus Andronicus (Rhythm). Another not too easy song that I've put a lot of work into.

    As I look at that list, I realize that all but one of them are imports from the original Rocksmith. Maybe RS2014 simply has more difficult songs?

    There are probably a few more that are easier, but I haven't made as much progress on, due to not playing them much.

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    If you have the original Rocksmith and the 2014 check out the rhythym path for David Bowie - Rebel Rebel, 3 chords, easy strum pattern, perfect beginner song.

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    I got to 105% playing "Next Girl" in only six times playing it through. Easiest song I've learned playing the game.

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