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Thread: Rocksmith 1 DLC not working in Rocksmith 2014 | Forums

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    yeah no old DLC is showing up for me as well.

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    Guess PC is having some issues at the moment. On my 360 I have all my DLC and all the RS1 songs with the 5 excluded. I notice on quite a few DLC songs there is a lot of differences. Particularly with my favorite song Thrill is Gone. the outro is a lot longer then in RS1. And Slither seems to have a lot of chart differences as well.

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    Unable to purchase RS1 DLC

    So I bought 2014 on steam, after changing my platform from my xbox, and made an attempt at trying to buy some of the DLC I wanted to play from the original. However, Steam is giving me the "you don't own the original game" notice when I go to hit the checkout. Anyone have a workaround for this? Will I have to repurchase the first game through Steam just to get ahold of its DLC? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I noticed when I looked in the DLC folder for rocksmith 2014, the new DLC was in there, the rocksmith 1 on disc songs were in there, but no Rocksmith 1 DLC songs, also notice in Steam, if you right click on your game, and go to Downloadable content, where it shows what DLC you own for the game, it does not list the DLC you own for Rocksmith 1 in rocksmith 2014, so pretty sure its a steam issue.

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    Its a steam error at the moment, no work around for it, just got to wait for steam to flag all the old rocksmith DLC for Rocksmith 2014

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    Keep an eye on the Steam store page. I bet when the old DLC shows up there we'll be able to get it.

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    Can you still play the old dlc/on disc tracks on the old rocksmith or is that a complete transfer?

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    Since it hasn't happened yet, we don't know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Clanky44 View Post
    I'm in the same boat, skipped it the first time and downloaded the DLC's but now I can't find the original Rocksmith set list. (X-box)
    You need to go to the in-game shop in the main menu to get it (it's listed under "packs") on the PS3, don't know if it's the same for Xbox.
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    I am using steam as well and experiencing this problem. I hope it's resolved quickly...

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