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    WHU 2nd Annual Prom Night (AC3) Saturday October 19, 2013 3:00 pm ct

    Hosted by
    WHU Trapmuzik & WHU


    Ladies & gentlemen it's time to rent that tux, buy that dress, and check the reservation on your limo because it's time. Finally PROM NIGHT is here. Time to bring AC3 to a close and get ready for AC4. So get your hair done, shine up those shoes, and get ready to save the last dance.


    Please allow 3-5 hours to compete in these events.
    Please bear with your officials/ host/ refrees with decisions because they will also be competing.
    And also we acknowledge that there are other events going on in the AC community so in fairness to the other event organizer please have all your other obligations taken care of before competing in either of these two events.
    All glitches and exploits of the game will not be tollerated and will lead to player/ team being DQed from event(s).
    Rules subject to change.
    Officials decisions are final.


    This is your traditional 2 out of 3 single elmination tournamnet bracket. Brackets of 8 teams each compete until one team is left standing. Clans may sign-up multiple teams.


    Seeding for this tournament will be performed randomly with the exception of those who fall under the (CHAMPION'S ADVANTAGE). Champion's Advantage means if you have made it to a finals in any tournament in AC3 you take automatic 1st seedings. So AAB (WOC Tournament Champions) & HAX (The Block Party Season Champion) both take 1st seed if they choose to participate. If more than two brackets open up then AvK (Family BBQ Champions) take the !st seeds if they chose to participate. If a Fourth bracket opens up then tournament runner-ups WHU or VLA will debate for the !st seed. Multi-clan teams will not be assigned in the same bracket.


    1. NO GUNS
    2. NO HACKS
    3. Any team that does not show up with in 15 minutes of start time will be DQ.
    4. Teams are responsible for performing their own lag test before the match begins.
    5. If a player respawn with the artifact he must score and the point does not count.
    6. Be tollerative of other clans and personalities.
    7. Teams are allowed to have a maxium 2 subs to step in if another member does not show.
    8. All team leaders must have one player with a english speaking ability.
    9. Trash talking is acceptable to a certain extent. ( AS STATED BE RESPECTFUL)
    10. We suggest u post picture confirmation of your victory.
    11.Team LEADERS and team names must be presented by Thursday October 17, 2013 11:59 pm ct.
    12. Players and subs are only allowed to play for one team once the games first 5 minutes have passed players and subs are attached to that team.
    13. If a player gets the glitch to where they can not be stunned or killed the game must be stopped and restarted if problem continues the player will be asked to leave and a replacement will be made.
    14. If a player laggs out within the first 5 minutes of the game the game can be restarted but only once per round, if the player laggs out after the first 5 minutes the game must be finished, the player can try to join back in the game, and if needed the players can back out at the end of the round to reassemble the teams.
    15. Teams will be asked to start they're matches at the same time to verify that every team and every player can connect to each session,With that being said who ever goes against WHU Team 1 please allow a little patience since we will be hosting we will have the responsablity of trying to make sure everything goes smoothly.
    17. HAVE FUN



    The Prize of 6400 microsoft points will be awarded to the team leader to distribute to the rest of the team.


    1. WHU Team 1 - WHU Trapmuzik, WHU Vendetta, WHU Love, WHU Snow Fox
    2. WHU Team 2 - WHU Robin, WHU Penguin, WHU Dexerity, WHU Amethyst
    3. VLA - I Perfect VII I, XxShadow Runner, XxGummy Wave, Orange the G
    4. AvK Team 1 - AvK RoYaLtY, AvK Fiasco, AvK ToxinVenom, LookItsBrooks
    5. AWH Team 2 - WHU Inferno, AvK Cryptic, Beany 1664, WHU Flash
    6. COW - Incredulous COW, Baconator COW, Spontaneous Cow, CJTheChaoticCow
    7. DXD -
    8. AAB - PigStuffy77, Jackina717, BadNeihbour010, Punkachump
    9. HAX Team 1 - Monkey Triads, Destiny Triads, HAX HottyScotty, HAX Satyricon
    10.HAX Team 2 - HAX Frost, HAX Hunter, HAX Abraxas, IntooDeep202
    11. TFL -
    12. CIA -
    13. AFT - AlexHayekk, Deicidal, PlainlyPro, TheMightySin
    14. MOB - Aegis Penumbra, Juice567, Hopeful Potato, Roast Spitta
    15. TFO - Empyreal Light, Jibrail, TheFireEaterX, aMuzic
    16. AOB - Get Pulled Back, Khaleiius, lLordofDeath, Blueknight0989
    17. LAO Team 1 - WolfTheAssassin, Onelifejoyit, Travus24, WHU BloodRose
    18.LAO Team 2 - Majic Batman, lllBiohazardlll, Mystic R0se, SteampunkDoctor
    19. ??? - ExoticRoze, IFantasyDemon, GuerillaRogue, Colochou
    20. ??? - wilddude001, Rainbow Deathray,ObeyXVll, Teh vadR
    21. ??? - BoUnTy HuNtA 08, Doddeyy , Keoghz Pro, Last of Angels
    22. FLT - Lms Axel, Lms Baltazar,The Cebeta, MaG HooLigaN
    23. IMA -

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    l Perfect Vll l - XxShadow Runner - XxGummy Wave - OrANgE the G - I Dulcamra I - xHAVOC ASSASSIN
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    AvK KiNgKoBrA's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dec 2012
    With Pie an Kirby

    AvK Team 1 an Team 2

    Of course we're in this

    AvK RoYaLtY
    AvK Fiasco
    AvK ToxinVenom

    -WHU Inferno
    -AvK Cryptic
    -WHU Flash
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    Incredulous C0W
    Baconator C0W
    Spontaneous C0W
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    DXD, is in.
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    Pleas sign AAB up, roster TBA
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    Team 1 - Triads
    Monkey Triads
    Destiny Triads
    HAX HottyScotty
    HAX Satyricon
    HAX Raven

    Team 2
    HAX Frost
    HAX Hunter
    HAX Abraxas
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    Clear handled it but Lord's still lazy
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    TFL is in
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    Okay can CIA please be signed up we will list the players soon thank you
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