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    2nd XBOX DUEL DUOS Tournament in Aritifact Assault

    Welcome to the XBOX Duos Duel AA tournament
    Hosted by AlexHayek & C.I.A Clan
    DUO DUEL Is back!! it’s time for a bit of fun. This tournament is about competition, but it is also about fun and bringing the community together.Grab your defending partner or your running mate and test your skills with a random duo on your side. You could be teamed up with anyone, so it is a chance to meet some new players!

    Which duo will come out on top?

    • WHU Trapmuzik, HAX Satyricon, AlexHayek, and TheMightySin
    • A Tournament Xbox gamertag "DUOTourney" has been created, and should be added to your friend list prior to tournament

    Sign Ups

    • You must sign up as either a defensive or offensive pair (2 players) no substitutes
    • All Teams should have one English speaking Contact
    • DO NOT sign up if you are not 100% sure you can be in attendance for both days of the tournament (and Semi Finals/Finals).
    • DO NOT sign up for this tournament if you are not open to playing with new people. You could be paired up with anyone, so do not sign up if you are not prepare to handle that.
    • DO NOT sign up if you have known connection issues. There will be a wide variety of players and match ups so good connections will be key
    • Each clan is allowed to enter 4 sets of duos to represent them, two offensive duos and two defensive duos. These teams are to be numbered from 1–4 with the first team guaranteed a spot in the tournament; the rest will be on waiting list in order of signing. (Team is defined as DUO Team whether Off or Def)
    • You do not have to pair up with someone from your own clan. Pairs maybe made up of any two players. If a player who is in a clan pairs up with a player from outside of their clan, this does not count as part of the four sign up described above.
    • Sign-ups will be on a first come first serve basis. The maximum number of duos that will be taken is 32, 16 offensive and 16 defensive teams.
    • When signing up, please list both player’s gamer tags and whether you are signing up as a defensive and offensive duo. Also please identify the contact person.

    The Tournament: How it works

    • The Duos will be randomly placed in 6 brackets, with 8 duos in each bracket. (see sample picture below)
    • Each offensive duo will be paired with a defensive duo in their bracket and play a match versus another team of duos
    • Each offensive duo will be paired with each defensive duo in their bracket to play a match,meaning you will play 4 set of matches per bracket
    • First matches from each bracket: AE vs. BF and CG vs. DH and so on
    • Top 2 Def Duo From bracket A & Bracket B, will be paired up with Top 2 OFF Duos from Bracket D & E in Round 2. And Top 2 Def Duo from Bracket C & D will be paired up with Top 2 OFF Duos from Bracket B & F, Top 2 Def DUO From Brackt E & F will be paired up with Top Off Duo from A & C. This to ensure that you get a chance to play with different players each round, as well as, no Clan members (Off/Def) are on same team at same time.
    • Each match will be a set of two games ONLY
    • Points will be awarded to each duo for each game: 3 points awarded for a win, 1 point for draw, and 0 for a loss.
    • Points are Not cumulative. Due to changed to Layout in Round 2 - Points will be reset to ensure fairness as it's based on points rather than brackets
    • Points are reset in the SemiFinal and Final round
    • Immediately after each match, the results must be reported to an official for score keeping
    • The Top 4 (2 offensive, 2 defensive) duos with the most points in their bracket will advance to the next round until we reach the finals (last 4 duos). In the case of a tie, the duo that won when those two duos met will move on.
    • Due to new brackets opening, The Top Duo Def/Off from each bracket will move forward to Semi-Finals (total of Three as we have 3 brackets in Round 2). The Last Spot will be filled by the Def/Off Duo with the most points from Second place across all brackets. If two Duos tie from different brackets, a tie-breaker will be set up this week prior to semi-Finals on Saturday.
    • Rules/Brackets subject to change

    In Games Rules:
    • In case of continuous lag issues or “can not connect” issues, Each Duo will have 10 minutes to replace their partner with any player that they are comfortable with, who is not playing in the tournament. If no replacement can be found within the specified time frame, the Duo will be disqualified.
    • First Rounds will be on October 5th , 2013 at 3 PM CST , Second Round will be on October 6th, 2013 at 3 PM CST
    • Semi finals & finals will be October 12, 2013 at 3 PM CST
    • If the player lags out or disconnects during the first 5 minutes of a game,the game must be immediately stopped and restarted. This can only occur once. If it occurs a second time, that player must be substituted immediately following the guidelines stated above
    • Registration Deadline is October 2nd 2013
    • Any MAJOR lag must be identified in the first 5 minutes of a match. Please bear in mind that this tournament is for fun. Please do not ruin that by nit picking on minimal lag issues. If you can play through it, then please do so.
    • Hosting will be determined by the selected Duos during the matches - However Previous champions if signed up, have host priority if they chose - WHU Blizzard, WHU Clear Focus, Destiny Triads, Xshadow Rogue (HAX Frosty)
    • Any proven intentional use of exploits in tournament will result in the Duo being disqualified
    • No gun No Hack


    • Copy of AC4 for the winning OFF & DEF DUOS
    • As per last Tournament complimentary prizes will be given to 2nd place as well. Prizes to be determined

    Sign up List

    Semi-Finals Bracket

    Round 2 Brackets

    Round 2 Games

    Brackets- Waiting list please be available as we might have last-minute drop out/connection issues


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    For popular time zones:

    • First Rounds will be on October 5th , 2013 at 3 PM CST

    • Second Round will be on October 6th, 2013 at 3 PM CST

    • Semi finals & finals will be October 12, 2013 at 3 PM CST

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    Sounds Good! AvK Cryptic and Beany1664 Offensive pair
    Contanct = AvK Cryptic
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    I Perfect Vll I and XxShadow Runner as Offensive Duo
    contact - XxShadow Runner
    Team Name - The Running Storms [TRS]

    and thanks Mighty for time zones
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    Off Duo: colochou & maykelzor
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    x Kawaii Hime x & o Grey Wind o
    Offensive Duo o(≧o≦)o

    Contact ~ x Kawaii Hime x
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    Victorious Secret

    WHU Love and WHU Vendetta (defensive duo) WHU Vendetta is the contact
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    CIA - MsBreezyyy and HD X Stars - Def Duos
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    Multiple ScoreGasms - MSG (you are jealous. ;D) Offensive Duo.

    WHU Flash and WHU Inferno. We will both be the contacts.
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    Off duo:
    - topkn1ght (contact)
    - uwangcars
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