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    Exclamation Official PC Workarounds

    Hello O Sneaky Ones!

    Here you will find all official workarounds for PC issues. We will add new info and workarounds as they become available.

    Please note that if you are experiencing any bugs and issues not addressed here, you should contact Support.

    Thank you!


    When launching game, Splinter Cell Blacklist will crash, leaving Uplay’s after-game report.

    Change the .ini settings so that the game does not launch in fullscreen mode.

    GO TO:

    Open the following file -

    Change the "WindowStyleFinal=1" option to 0 or 2.

    0 = Windowed
    1 = Fullscreen (default)
    2 = Windowed Fullscreen

    0 and 2 both allow the game to start


    Problem: "Out of memory" message

    Solution: Use the DX9 version of the game.

    GO TO: S
    ettings with Esc, then Settings->Video Settings->Advanced Settings->DirectX->DX9

    Hit "Apply" at bottom of menu.

    Then exit the game, and exit UPlay, and relaunch and you will be in DX9 mode. Make sure you exit Uplay, if you don't it will revert back to DX11!
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