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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Shade View Post
    should start with : https// and when you click on the link, you should also check that the address displayed in your browser starts with
    I presume you mean "hover over" the link. You warned us not to click and now you WANT us to click? It will show the link down the bottom left of screen if you HOVER.

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    please remove that reset password stuff when you've complied. I cant do a thing now...
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    I got the email...unsure, I googled it and seems that Ubisoft or someone had spread the word on this. So after seeing it had been reported on several sites I trundle off to the ubisoft website and change it.
    Quiet straight forward

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    The "hover over the link" technique is the best way to tell if legit, just received an e-mail like that, and look the link that appeared when hovered over

    It indeed was requested to change my password when I tried to log in to the ubisoft forum, but I did it the safe way, using the forum login to request a password reset, funny that I have 2-step verification enabled, and also asked the pin to login, so was kinda useless to change password, only I access to my phone and the code generator.

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    How about this email saying I won a copy of ghost because of a survey I did in the past. Is this fraud?

    On May 8, 2017, at 6:09 PM, Lexi Brodin <> wrote:


    Congratulations! You won a free copy of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands for your participation in last month’s survey regarding your favorite game genre, which you listed as Shooter.

    In order to claim the game, please respond to me by Wednesday, 5/10/17 with your platform preference (PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC*) and also the best mailing address to send the game.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    *PC is available via a code, no boxed copies available.


    Lexi Brodin | Promotions Manager

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razielxs View Post
    How about this email saying I won a copy of ghost because of a survey I did in the past. Is this fraud?
    Hi Razielxs, how are you? I was able to contact Lexi Brodin herself and she confirmed that this is legit. Enjoy the game!

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