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    Poll: Do you want Dark Messiah 2

    The question is simple: Do you want Dark Messiah 2? You can vote yes/no and tell why. As for me, I am fullly for it. You can read here why:!!
    I agree. Dark Messiah is my favorite game. I can be on the desert island just with Dark Messiah and a computer on which I will be able to play the game, without the whiskey.
    Please, make a sequel. It could continue in the story from first DM, or it could be a prequel to the first part. I wonder what happened to master Phenrig. I'd love to play as Sareth, see Xana, maybe Leanna the second time. I like the idea that Xana will be able to leave my body and travel next to me. She can be friend, a guardian, or truly even more... But the characters should be dubbed by the original actors(especially Sareth, Xana and master Phenrix). The sequel should also be longer.
    I am not sure whether the sequel should be an RPG or an action game. But I am sure it must have the combat system which the first DM had.
    Or at least Ubisoft, please make an action game similiar game to DM that is placed in Ashan. Maybe you could continue the story that is in Might & Magic: Heroes VI.
    The quality of DM is proved by the fact that although I don't like action games/FPS, but DM got me. I love Dark Messiah.
    Please, make a sequel.
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    I didnt play in Dark Messiah Singleplayer, but i am playing in multiplayer mode. It would be awesome if someone made second part of this game and fix all the problems with the multiplayer mode.
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    Make number 2

    Dark Messiah 2 would be the most truly aweome game ever, the original had its bugs and glitches but it was a very good game with lots of replay value and I desire a new one very strongly. If a new one was made I would buy it and play it to death and i think I speak for most who had the pleasure of playing the game that I'd want a new one! Also a quick side note: Make the new one longer than the first as well as more skills and spells plus maybe some new equipment and enemies as this would enhance the gameplay tenfold. Thank you for reading!
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    who would say no??? jesus this is my favourite game after half life 2, Please stick to source engine!
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    Wink Dark Messiah 2

    i played dark messiah 1100 hours and a sequel would be so ****ing nice! I do advertising for you maybe i buy it to give it to more friends idk
    please ubisoft make a good game (Dark Messiah 2) (with Multiplayer like Dark Messiah 1) and maybe on source engine than can players make maps for it
    here is an example
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    I found this on Wikipedia... might want to check it out guys
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    Yes! This game was great and I'd LOVE to see Dark Messiah 2!
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    definietly wanna see!
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    Talking Diffrent ends

    Yes but on start u can choose Leanna or Xana so u can play diffrent storys. Its my favourite game Dark messiash with 2 diffrent stroys 1st story:Leanna 2nd : Xana
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    Dm 2 !

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverprowler View Post
    I found this on Wikipedia... might want to check it out guys
    I checked it out thanx. Thats a 2015, quite recent I might add. Awesome !. From what I have been thinking they could go either way with this. Go back to the years/age before the present DM ( the time of the skull and prophecy etc) and/or a direct sequal and maybe even the chance to continue where each of us left off, being good or Evil.

    Here is an interview we all should check out too.... you may have to use translate as I did. its quite interesting ;

    and finally this
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