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    Does Rocksmith support chord play

    More interested in rhythm guitar and all I have been able to find on Rocksmith so far is lead notes. Does rocksmith support chord progressions in the game?

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    Sure it does... there are single note, chord and combo arrangements. Combo is a combination of single note and chord (and/or double stops). Chord arrangements are chords only.
    One song can have multiple arrangements, sometimes more than one of the same type (Combo 1 and Combo 2, for example). Most arrangements are combo. Chord arrangements are the usually the easiest ones, that's why you will find few videos on these. People don't find them challenging enough to post a video on the Internet.
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    You can go to Rocksmith Buddy and check out You can sort by type and see all the songs that have a pure chord arrangement. There are a number of fun ones. Any flag as DLC are purchased separately from the game disk.

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    When looking at your song list, you can filter for all the chord arrangements. Just scroll to the left and select the filter.

    Also, Chord of the Undead is one of the games in the arcade. It's purpose is to practice chord transitions. It's one of my favorites.

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    It's ok but be aware the chord recognition is one of the hardest things for the game to do, so sometimes it is too lax, and sometimes it's far too strict (I'm looking at you gobble).

    Also, the full strumming pattern is often not charted. No muted strums are shown for example... So it does work, but I think it does lead and combo versions better. For pure strumming of chords you can learn a lot just from existing online sites, and playing acoustic.

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    What AlPac said, RS is great for motivation and for learning riffs, licks, arpeggios and even power chords but for regular chords I would say use your acoustic instead.

    Although RS did help me with the strength to be able to play barré chords. But for the songs I really prefer the Combos and Single Note to the Chord versions.

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