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    Call of Juarez Bound In Blood Windows 8 Fix


    I loved Bound in Blood and would really like to play it, since I paid money for it.

    I know it came out long before Windows 8 but there must be a way. I want my younger family members to play the game but they can't because Windows 8 makes the intro movies black and white, the main menu upside down and weird only for the game to launch with a black screen.

    Please help. We've discussed it here:

    But have hit a dead end. Any help would be appreciated. I really do love the game.

    Maybe you fix this, then I buy Gunslinger? Yes?
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    I have similar problems. The in-game videos, even the Ubisoft logo, are not only upside down but they also are reversed like a mirror image. The game itself works fine so far. I´m on Win 8 too and this seems to be the issue. I would really appreciate any help!
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    Suffering the same problem here. Black-and-white, upside-down, reversed cut-scenes, intro movie, and intro background. Help?
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    I have Windows 8 and see the ridiculous upside-down black and white videos in both Nail'd and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. This is clearly an issue with Techland's engine and Windows 8 but since their later games such as Mad Riders, Dead Island: Riptide and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger don't have this issue it seems the developers have at least fixed it. So why can't they upgrade their older games too? I suspect the fix is very simple and requires only an update to one of the DLL files in the game folders.

    It is kind of ludicrous though that only Techland games suffer from this upside-down issue but it speaks volumes that they've never bothered to fix it. As we move forward with new Windows updates, it makes me wonder how many of these old games are going to be left with annoying issues like these, simply because the developers don't code properly.
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    Unhappy The same problem

    I'm have the same problem here! Did anybody find a way to fix?!?!
    I searched on the net, but nothing helped me... =/


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    Hi Guys, please contact Technical Support, the link is in my signature.
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