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    Assassins Creed Black Flag The watch code

    I ordered pre-ordered Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Edition from amazon 3 days ago and havent recived any email for the code to sign up for the watch. Does anyone know if they have released the codes as yet as im sure i read somewhere you could sign up for the watch from April the 6th
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    Not sure but i remember reading that theyhavent released the codes yet . So when they released you will get it i think .
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    For Online orders, you should get a code emailed to you but this may be after your initial order confirmation so please make sure you contact them for details.

    Please also make sure your retailer is a part of the promotion. If you have questions about it please contact them directly as they are responsible for the Codes.

    There is a thread here too if you would like to participate in it.
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    It was the Skull Edition thatt said it would have the code for the watch, ive had an email confirming my order but nothing since with any code. I ave just gone back to where you buy it on amazon and it now says...
    .Orders made before Friday, November 1--Codes and redemption instructions will be e-mailed to you shortly (dates to be confirmed).
    So im hoping that means i will get the code soon...............
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