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    IL2 Cliffs of Dover wont run :(

    Oh I gave it a days worth of effort.... I did the following today:

    Initial game install from CD : no game launch
    re-installed direct x : no game launch
    updated AMD graphics driver : no game launch
    updated sound driver : no game launch
    on recommendation deleted shaders cache files : no game launch
    updated launcher administrator : no game launch
    on recommendation re-formatted hard drive re-installed windows 7
    reinstalled steam & game files from CD : no game launch
    replaced AMD HD6950 gpu with Nvidia 660Ti : no game launch
    re-installed applications DirectX, DotNetFx40_Client, GDF, and VCRedist (as recommended): no game launch
    re-installed AMD HD6950 gpu with beta drivers : no game launch
    deleted game files uploaded COD game files from steam : no game launch

    The following games run flawlessly on my computer:

    Battlefield 3
    Call of Duty
    Lock on
    Falcon 4 BMS

    I was looking for a good WWII flight sim, in retrospect I should have looked into IL2 technical issues closer.

    Thanks for your concerns, but I am beyond frustrated with IL2.

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    in steam, try to verify the files.

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    Lost all data startin all over to rebuild..steam and cod worked fine. did reinslal today and will not run. Rise of flight fine yesteraday instal. Very upset. I have verfied. removed appcache, restarted. Wish I could just run sim without Steam. They allow me to decribe problem but ask for data I cannot answer so unable to contact suppot. Several comments about steam on google.. all recent months problems.

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    need more info, what OS, sys spec, etc. have you checked the steam forums? lots of help there, check the atag forums too.

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