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    Far Cry 3 - DLC

    One simple question....will there ever be any DLCs for Far Cry 3.

    There is many thread about ideas for DLCs....and even a thread about a supposed Blood Dragon *Rumour* DLC......BUT....will UBISOFT ever release a DLC for Far Cry 3, they never talked about it so does it mean they closed the Far Cry 3 department and we will never see any DLCs....

    Does Any MOD or DEV could at least say if there will ever be DLCs for Far Cry 3......
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    It's now evident that Ubisoft don't want to anwser because Far Cry 3 department is close and the project is dead....and there will never be any FC3 DLCs.....

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    It doesn't seem likely. I can say this adds to the frustrations of this game. A year ago when I watched developer walkthroughs (and I guess this is more my fault) but I imagined them keeping the game fresh with singleplayer dlc (like skyrim) I don't want to keep the FC3/skyrim comparison going, but it's the only singleplayer game that comes to mind that actually produces game extending dlc. I had high hopes for FC3 that has fallen flat because of Ubi's incompetence and greed. I sure as hell won't look at Far Cry 4 with the same excitement I had for Far Cry 3.

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    Multiplayer is a big flop, Singleplayer DLCs would have been a great way to extend the gamplay. I don't play FC3 multiplayer at all, the reset outpost new feature is a great option but not as cool as new SP DLC.....

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    The DLCs for this game could've been quite amazing...

    -Co-Op against re-spawning bots in user-made maps
    -Themed packages (bots, items, weapons, building pieces, etc) for the map editor (like horror, war, fantasy, sci-fi, etc)
    -New storylines from other veiwpoints
    -Flyable vehciles
    -Classic weapon packs from FC2 (I miss the silenced shotgun)
    -Maybe a bridge to load FC2 maps into the FC3 editor (Hey, a guy can dream; I'd love to play my FC2 Camp Blood map with bots!)

    I would gladly pay for that kind of stuff.

    Instead... Well, you all know the deal.

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    I would have pay for all singleplayer DLC, but hey....I'll wait for GTA 5 !

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    Just look for 'FC3 Blood dragon' and then you'll be able to wait a bit more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by angstik View Post
    Just look for 'FC3 Blood dragon' and then you'll be able to wait a bit more...
    FC3 Blood dragon box art covers looks fake. Look like a cheap guitar hero game cover. It's a hoax...!
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    The cover may be false, but the name iself has not been said to be as false, since Ubisoft didn't denied it. A dev( or was it the lead screenwriter) confirmed that some large thing was in production. Think what you want, keep thinking that everything is dead... I made several threads like this one (so you may have looked at it) before you, I know what I'm talking about... Pessimism won't lead you anywhere and don't wait for any answers: you'll have not a word before official confirmation. So wait, and stop complaining like I did. No need for more topics like this or mine: that's useless. They read, they listen but they answer when they want. And since Ubisoft has lost lots of his official game announcements (Black flag for example), if they have secrets they will keep them until the D-date.

    The unannounced continuation in question may be an XBLA game called Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Via a tip from the typically reliable @lifelower, we've learned of Brazilian classification ratings for a "first-person shooter" by that name, alongside possible XBLA artwork for the game - the ratings are for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, though. Either way, that would certainly be a 'surprising' enough announcement. We've reached out to Ubisoft for comment.

    Original Story: Far Cry 3 lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem hinted to Joystiq the game is getting some form of upcoming continuation, although whether that's via downloadable content or a new series entry altogether - or maybe something else entirely - isn't clear.

    With Ubisoft's recent disclosure that fans won't have to wait four more years for another Far Cry in mind, if we were Ubisoft, we wouldn't want to leave Far Cry 3 and its characters and world behind just yet. We asked Yohalem if that was something he had in mind too.

    "Yes," Yohalem told us, "I'm working on something now that will be surprising, I think, when it's announced. But it definitely is a 'strike while the iron's hot' thing, and we'll see."

    Ubisoft's recent earning call revealed just how hot that iron is, with 4.5 million copies of Far Cry 3 shipped worldwide. Yohalem previously worked as lead writer on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, so maybe Ubisoft has a Brotherhood-like continuation in mind for Far Cry 3. For now, as Yohalem said, we'll have to wait and see
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    IF SO....UBISOFT being silence about future DLCs is not a good way to advertise FC3, fans feels left out and could turn away.....but i hope I'm wrong...AND suprises are coming..!

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