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    Week 30 Bass challenge Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

    Week 30 Bass Challenge: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen
    Weekly Bass Song Challenge Rules:

    1) A song and particular arrangement will be posted before Tuesday every week.

    2) There are four competitive categories. To foster a fair, fun, and competitive environment, players should self-select into the category that best describes their ability. This categorization should remain stable from week to week, unless a player determines that they have initially self-selected into the wrong division or that they are ready to move up into the next division.

    Division I: Can level most songs to 100%, and can play most songs proficiently - 95+% accuracy.
    Division II: Can level several songs to 100%, may have trouble accurately playing them at that level. General accuracy 85-95%.
    Division III: May level some easier songs to 100%, but others will be partially leveled. Regularly scores 70-95k.
    Division IV: New to bass and guitar. No songs really leveled to 100%

    There will also be "honorable mentions" for score, note streak, videos, and master mode entries (these entries can be separate runs from the main competition entry).

    3) Each participant is allowed to make a single entry in the division they have selected. All submissions for the main divisions should be in standard rehearsal or performance mode, even for songs that are mastered. Master Mode entries will not count towards the competition scoring.

    4) All styles of playing the arrangement will be eligible for submission and included in the final results, but to be eligible to win a division the arrangement must played using a real bass guitar in the style suggested in the game (self-declared on the honor system)

    5) Entries must be made by replying to the song thread with your score, accuracy, note streak, division and playing style (i.e. Bass or Guitar, plucking with fingers or pick) in the title (this way we won't have to sift through post content). For example: Div I - 124,033 | 389 NS | 98% | BF.
    Legend: BF = Bass Fingered, BP = Bass Picked, GF = Guitar Fingered, GP = Guitar Picked

    6) Please only submit one result (score + accuracy + note streak) per song. If you play the song later in the week and do better, go to your original post and edit with the replacement score and pic.

    The winner will be determined as follows:
    Division I & II: 'Mastered' entries (purple score bar) are scored ahead of 'Non-Mastered' (orange score bar) results. The 'Mastered' entry with the highest accuracy wins (entries are ranked by accuracy). Score then Note Streak will be used to break ties. The 'Non-Mastered' entries are ranked by score below the 'Mastered' entries.
    Division III & IV: The entry with the highest score wins (all entries are ranked by score).

    7) To be entered in the competition you must submit a picture of the song results replay screen (showing score, percentage, and note streak). A single entry is required for the competition (with percentage, note streak and score from the same run).

    8) All entries must be in before Monday, so by 11:59 Sunday night (based on PST Time Zone or UTC-8 internationally)

    9) A separate thread showing the winners of each division will be posted by the previous week's winner, and the selection of the following week's song will be the responsibility of one of those winners.

    10) We will rotate the responsibility of selecting the next song and arrangement each week starting with Division IV, III, II, then I. Rinse and repeat.

    11) In the event that the winner does not respond to a PM notification to start a new thread by Tuesday, the winner of the next category in the rotation will be notified to select an arrangement and start a thread.

    12)The winner/song selector must PM Black_Widow9, Mr_Shade, rcole_sooner, T_O_A_D after creating the Challenge Result thread, with the winners.

    Division 3 winner will select the next song. Spreadsheet for score tracking.
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    div 3 102932| 77ns | 85% (BF)

    Something has definately clicked tonight, over 10k added so far.

    target tonight. top half placing.

    best streak
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    Bo Rap

    A survey by Gu.inn.ess (lol, the forums thinks that is a curse word) World records found this to be Britain’s favorite song of all time. The song has proven to be an enigma defying many attempts to interpret exactly what the heck it is about. It also may have accidentally become one of the first music videos ever made. Many of the stranger lyrics come from Zoroastrianism, which is an ancient Persian religion that Freddy Mercury’s parents were heavily into. A Scaramouch is a boastful coward, Beelzebub is another name for the devil, and Bismillah is a cry out to God. Galileo may have been thrown in there as a nod to astronomy obsessed guitarist Brian May. This odd mish mash may give credence to Mercury’s claim to a friend that the song is meant to be nothing more than “random rhyming nonsense”.

    When invited to play the song live on the show Top of the Pops, Queen shuddered at the thought of playing the overly complex arrangement live and came up with an alternative, they made a video and sent it to the show and it became a smash, being re-aired for weeks. This was before the arrival of MTV and Queen made several other videos for Top of the Pops after the success of Bo Rap. When MTV launched, Queen was able to get a lot of airplay right off the bat as they had a stock of pre made videos ready to roll, and the song again found new life, as it would keep finding for years to come. Another of its many lives came when it became a hit for a new generation after being introduced in 1992’s Wayne’s World, driving the song back to #2 in the US.

    The song is known for its wild guitar solo, but it’s the chromatic bass line during the ballad that really sets the tone for the song. The bass line was played by Queen’s least known member (such is the life of a bassist ), John Deacon. Deaky was chosen partially because of his quiet demeanor, as the band wanted its enigmatic front man to be the focus. The quiet one managed the band’s finances and is estimated to be worth over $100 million dollars today, not bad for plucking 4 strings.

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    Div II - 109,586 | 128 NS | 92% (BF)

    I'm giving you a 'no-honk' guarantee.

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    Div III - 109,257 | 83NS | 93% (BF)

    Mon - levelled in RR, 90k
    Tue & Wed - Guitar
    Thu - practiced in RR and 3 full runs, 106k
    Fri - got a good run, 109k 93%

    I have this but never played it on bass, will give it a whirl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlPac2012 View Post
    Placeholder Div III

    I have this but never played it on bass, will give it a whirl. NB. OP should read Div III pick.
    sorry my bad first time I've tried this stuff lol

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    Div III - 116.264 BF | 194 NS | 95%

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    Div II - 117,925 | 155 NS | 98%

    Tuesday: I spent about an hour in RR and my best score after a couple or runs was 104K, 89%. Although all sections are leveled, I need some more RR.
    Wednesday: A bit of RR, a couple of runs and a better score: 111K, 93%
    Thursday: More RR in the busiest sections, and a couple of runs: 113K, 96%
    Saturday: After 5 or 6 runs, this is my best score: 97%, almost 117K
    Sunday: Added an extra 1%, but not enough points.

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    Div 1 - 95% - 112,105 BF - 101 NS

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    100% - 119,914 - 381 NS - Div I (BF)

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